AVTECH CMS Lite User’s Guide

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-Lite, the 24CH free , is exclusively designed for monitoring multiple spots remotely. Common applications are chain stores and branch offices. Users can easily use functions such as , and with this software installed on a normal laptop. For advanced central control application, provides you with 64CH CMS-Standard and 96CH CMS-Professional. What's more, there are 16CH EagleEyesHD and 4CH EagleEyes for remote through tablets and phones.

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  1. Jules Salinas says

    I have a rural need for multiple cameras operating off of one cell phone feed and bill. is that possible? If so, is their a cost per camera involved or a flat fee for let’s say four or five cameras on the same cell phone feed?

  2. Ruby Diaz says

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  3. Nieve Hopkins says

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  4. Morgan Mclean says

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  5. Saara Weir says

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