NEW XM Firmware 2020

We have compiled a list includes the latest version of DVR’s firmware. These firmware can be compatible with your Hisilicon SoC based DVRs/NVRs (such as Hi3520A, Hi3520D, Hi3521, Hi3521A, Hi3531, Hi3531A, Hi3535, Hi3536). Your DVR may come with different types such as 1080N AHD DVR, 1080p AHD DVR, 5MP DVR, 4MP DVR/NVR, 960H DVR…etc. The latest firmware for your 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel DVRs with different brand name.


Logon your DVR, navigates to [System info] > [Version], you are able to know the current version of your DVR’s firmware. Writing it down then scrolling down to this webpage to find corresponding firmware. If your DVR’s firmware is corrupted, you are not able to logon DVR because DVR can’t boot up. To check your DVR’s firmware, you can inspect motherboard of DVR, typically there is a printed hardware model/version on it. Then read the below list to get firmware which matches your hardware model/version.

DVR Firmware Version
DVR Firmware Version

00000200 NBD7004R-FWS 查看详情
00000201 NBD7004R-PWS 查看详情
00000202 NBD8016R-PL-V2 查看详情
00000203 NBD8008R-PL 查看详情
00000206 NBD8008R-YL-EP 查看详情
00000208 NBD8008R-PL-EP 查看详情
00000209 NBD8004R-PL-EP 查看详情
0000020B AHB8008T-GL 查看详情
0000020D AHB8004T-GL 查看详情
0000020E NBD8004R-YL-EP 查看详情
0000020F NBD8008R-PWS 查看详情
0000020G AHB8016T-MH 查看详情
0000020H AHB8008R-MH 查看详情
0000020I INBD8008T-QV 查看详情
0000020J MVR7004V-LM 查看详情
0000020K NBD7904T-PL-XPOE 查看详情
0000020N NBD8004R-FWS 查看详情
0000020P AHB8032F-LM 查看详情
0000020Q AHB8016T-LME 查看详情
0000020R AHB8004R-GS 查看详情
0000020S AHB8004R-MH 查看详情
0000020U AHB7016T-LM-V5 查看详情
0000020V AHB8008R-LME 查看详情
0000020W AHB8016F-GL 查看详情
0000020X AHB8032F-LME 查看详情
0000020Y AHB8004R-GS-4PWS 查看详情
0000020Z NBD8032H-UL 查看详情
00000211 NBD8908T-PL-XPO 查看详情
00000212 NBD8904T-GS-XPOE 查看详情
00000213 AHB8004R-GS-4PWS2 查看详情
0000021L NBD8008R-PWS-V2 查看详情
0000021Q NBD8004RA-ULA 查看详情
00000227 AHB8004R-MH-NVT 查看详情
0003114A AHB7804R-MH-V3 查看详情
0003121G AHB7804R-LMS-V5 查看详情


0003121G AHB7804R-LMS-V5 查看详情
0003121H AHB8804R-LMS 查看详情

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