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Many Video Management Software (VMS) providers offer free versions, either open source, for a limited number of cameras, or for a limited amount of time.

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Minimal Changes in 2021

The free VMS market has shown minimal changes over 3-4 years, with limited adoption of free open source offerings. Large VMS free/trial offerings remained relatively unchanged.

These options may help users with limited needs or those looking to test out VMS before buying it.

We have compiled a list of open-source, restricted use, and trial-version VMSes in this report.

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Open Source/Free

Open source options for VMSes are limited, with only a handful available:

  • Bluecherry – Free with an optional paid support subscription. Linux, Windows, Mac OSX support, ONVIF/RTSP camera support.
  • Camlytics – Free, unlimited camera VMS. A paid premium version adds video analytics, camera events, and heat mapping features. And a paid cloud version allows for real-time occupancy alerts, automated charts/data analysis, multiple users, and greater scalability.
  • iSpy – Visual Studio 2019 source code is available as well as precompiled installable versions.
  • Kerberos – Free open source VMS for Docker, Kubernetes, and Raspberry PI. connects to IP cameras through RTSP streams. Optional people counting analytics and cloud storage of alarm/motion events.
  • motionEyes – Open source, Linux distribution that turns a single-board computer (Raspberry PI and others) and USB camera into an IP camera with embedded VMS.
  • OpenCVR/Rapidvms from Linkingvision
  • Shinobi – Open source VMS, developed in node.js. Linux, Windows, and Mac OS support. Offers a mobile app, PTZ controls, and some analytics. A paid version exists with developer support, a commercial use license, and more regular updates.
  • Valkka – Open source VMS, python codebase, ONVIF camera support
  • Zoneminder – Offers precompiled packages for Linux distros, and also open source code.

Free With Restricted Use

These products all work without any timeout period, but generally have limitations around the number of channels or the amount of storage supported in the free version.

Free For Trial Period

Products in this group generally offer full functionality, but timeout after a limited period.

Free With Same-Brand Cameras

Several manufacturers have VMSes that do not require a license when used with their own brand of cameras, these are listed here.

Suggest Others

If you know of other free VMSes please post comments and we will add them to the list.

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