Popular CCTV Camera Brands 2022

Popular CCTV Camera Brands 2022

At IPICA / JVSG we continuously strive to understand the needs of our customers, CCTV Camera Brands and to deliver to them the tools to help them build the best surveillance systems possible. Part of the way we do this is by allowing users to send us anonymized statistics on their designs.

Most popular security camera brands in 2022 Q1-Q3
Most popular security camera brands in 2022

Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2022 Q3
Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2022, Q3

Most popular security camera brands in 2022 Q2
Most popular security camera brands in 2022

It is important to note that the IPICA Security Camera Brands Ratings does not indicate the best CCTV cameras or the best security camera brand, but rather reflects data regarding the popularity and ranking fluctuations of various security camera brands, models and cctv camera types and resolutions. Rating is based on statistics gathered by IP Video System Design Tool. Ipica Ratings are updated quarterly.

Popular CCTV Camera Brands 2022
Popular CCTV Camera Brands 2022

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Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2022 Q2
Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2022

The Impact of High Resolution Cameras on System Designs

A trend towards higher resolution cameras makes proper system designs more important than ever.

In our analysis from Q2 2022 design statistics we see that over 50% of the cameras used in designs are 4MP or greater, particularly in the North American and Western European markets. Higher resolutions certainly help customers get more from their surveillance systems, and increase the odds that cameras can capture enough detail to help with investigations. But higher resolutions also mean higher bandwidth and storage costs.

Rating of cameras with different resolution, 2020-2021

Comparison of security camera popular resolutions in year 2020 and 2021

Many of these higher resolution cameras also have advanced video codecs, which offer dynamic frame rate or bit rate adjustments, or other features to help reduce total bandwidth. Some of this is the result of standards like H.265 encoding. However, some manufacturers are producing their own specialty codec enhancements to get further reductions in total bandwidth. All of this means that a 6MP camera does not necessarily use 3x as much bandwidth as a 2MP camera, and a 4K camera from one brand might actually be able to produce a quality image stream with less total throughput than a 5MP camera from another brand.

While these higher resolution cameras, and advanced codecs, open up opportunities for video designers to better meet customer expectations for image detail, this also means that bandwidth and storage requirements can not be as easily estimated as they were in the past. Also, certain industries such as banking, cannabis, or transportation may dictate that video be retained for minimum periods of several months, or even years. While storage costs have come down, storage is still not so cheap that we can afford to build excessively large arrays, a properly sized storage can ensure the customers video rendition needs are met without consuming excessive rack space or power and cooling needs.

The JVSG Design Tool and Online Bandwidth/Storage Calculator can help you model your system based on specific criteria for each camera and scene. Calculations can help customers understand why a certain amount of storage is being recommended, and which cameras or areas create the biggest impact on storage costs. The instant feedback and ease of use enable these calculations to be done in real time with the customer if needed to help reduce time spent re-designing systems over and over.

Our customers tell us that this design tool consistently helps them win bids and make their customers feel more informed and confident in their proposals, which helps reduce their sales cycles and related costs.

Free CCTV Calculator

Free CCTV lens calculator

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CCTV Lens Calculator

Most popular security camera brands in 2022 Q1
popular security camera brands in Q1 of 2022

Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2022 Q1
Rating of cameras resolutions in the first quarter of 2022

Year 2021 Statistics

Most popular security camera brands in 2021 – Worldwide
1. Hikvision – 24.5 %
2. Axis – 16.7 %
3. Dahua – 12.3 %
4. Bosch – 10.2 %
5. Hanwha Techwin – 8.8 %
6. Intelbras – 2.7 %
7. Avigilon – 2.2 %
8. Vivotek – 2.0 %
9. Mobotix – 1.7 %
10. Uniview – 1.6 %
11. Honeywell – 1.3 %
12. Pelco – 1.2 %
13. Panasonic – 0.8 %
14. Flir – 0.6 %
15. Dallmeier – 0.5 %

Top security camera brands 2021

Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2021
Rating of cameras with different resolution in year 2021

IP Video System Design Tool software as a data source

Ratings are based on aggregated and anonymous statistical data gathered by our video surveillance system design software, IP Video System Design Tool (developed by IPICA LLC). For world rating the number of data points is more than 250,000.

Statistics are only made available when a user chooses the “Quality Improvement Program/Send anonymous performance and usage statistics” option in the IP Video System Design Tool installer or selects the “Quality Improvement Program” option in the program preferences.

You can download IP Video System Design Tool from here:
Download a trial version of IP Video System Design Tool [365 MB for Windows 11/10/8/7] details…

It is important to mention that the accuracy of the Security Camera Brands Ratings in various countries depends heavily on whether or not a significant number of IP Video System Design Tool users have the Quality Improvement Program option enabled in their specific country.
*We cannot measure Vivotek ratings precisely enough because for this brand there is an OEM version of IP Video System Design Tool that do not collect usage statistics.

Ratings of CCTV camera brands in 2020

Top 10 security camera manufacturers brands in 2020

The most popular security camera manufacturers in 2020 worldwide (Top Ten CCTV brands):
1. Hikvision – 20.7 %
2. Axis – 12.4 %
3. Dahua – 10.1 %
4. Hanwha Techwin – 9.6 %
5. Bosch – 5.7 %
6. IDIS – 2.8 %
7. Intelbras – 2.3 %
8. Vivotek* – 2 %
9. Abus – 1.7 %
10. Uniview – 1.7 %

For North America the list of popular camera manufacturers for 2020 is the following:
1. Axis – 24.3 %
2. Hanwha Techwin – 12.1 % (was 9.8% in 2019)
3. Hikvision – 10.8 % (12% in 2019)
4. Digital Watchdog – 4.3 %
5. Bosch – 4.1 % (3% in 2019)
6. Dahua – 3.1 %
7. Arecont – 2.8 %
8. Vivotek* – 2.8 %
9. Uniview – 2.6 %
10. VisualInt – 2.5 %

Top Security Camera Brands for Western Europe 2020
1. Axis – 21.4
2. Hikvision – 15.1
3. Hanwha Techwin – 11.4
4. Bosch – 9.3
5. Dahua – 9.1
6. MOBOTIX – 4.1
7. Vivotek* – 2.4
8. ABUS – 2.1
9. IDIS – 2.1
10. Honeywell – 1.2

Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2020

Rating of cameras with different resolution in 2020


Ratings of CCTV camera brands, 2019

Top 10 security camera manufacturers / brands in 2019.

Worldwide IPICA rating 2019:
1. Hikvision – 21.8 %
2. Axis – 11.8 %
3. Dahua – 11.1 %
4. Hanwha Techwin – 9.1 %
5. Bosch – 4.6 %
6. IDIS – 2.6 %
7. Intelbras – 2.5 %
8. Uniview – 2.3 %
9. Avigilon – 1.6 %
10. Vivotek* – 1.5 %
11. Honeywell – 1.4 %
12. Mobotix – 1.3 %
13. Sony – 1.2 %
14. Panasonic – 1.1 %
15. Ivideon (Nobelic) – 1.0 %
16. FLIR – 0.9 %

Rating of cameras with different resolution, 2019

Rating of cameras with different resolution 2019
The IPICA Camera Resolution Ratings show the resolution of many popular cameras.

Rating of camera types

The most popular types of security cameras in 2019:
1. Dome – 33.8 %
2. Bullet – 18.6 %
3. Box – 11.5 %
4. PTZ – 6.8 %
5. Fisheye – 4.6 %
6. Multisensor – 2.9 %
7. Wedge – 1.7 %
8. Others – 21.9 %

Rating of camera types 2019


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