NVR problems Basic operation

1 The IP address (NETIP) of the IPC cannot be found on the NVR

1——Check whether the network indicator of NVR and IPC is normal

2——Install the upgrade tool through the PC to determine whether the IPC network is normal

3——Determine whether the IP addresses of NVR and IPC are in conflict, need to use a local area network

4——Whether NVR and IPC are connected under the same router

5——Connect the IPC of the camera directly to the NVR of the recorder, without switching or router, try to search

6——Is it possible to find if you try to change the router or switch

7——If it still cannot be solved, contact Xiongmai Technology

2 32-channel NVR cannot be dragged in 32-channel 960P mode

——The performance of the device is limited. Drag is not supported when this mode is selected. In other modes, the screen can be dragged.

3 Which remote IPC functions can be realized by NVR linkage IPC

1——Professional NVR connection IPC is connected through NETIP, which can realize coding settings, image colors, network configuration, IPC-enabled alarm functions, audio, PTZ, time synchronization, and automatic networking; IPC and NVR need to turn on the alarm function synchronously

2——Professional NVR connects to IPC through onvif protocol, only supports motion detection alarm, audio, PTZ, video, and time synchronization (NVR now supports universal onvif notify method. Motion detection has been tested by Dahua, Xiangfei, Haikang , The version needs to be supported after 2014.07) 

Note: 1) The front-end camera encoding setting of the NVR connected to the ONVIF protocol will prompt that it is not configured, which is caused by the modification not supported.

       2) Our NVR only supports the ONVIF notify motion detection method. Hikvision does not support some IPCs, so we need to confirm with Hikvision whether the camera used supports 

       3) Our NVR can support ONVIF cruise linkage between points, the front end does not support 

4 Can the channel name of the NVR recorder be modified

1——IPC connected by NETIP private protocol: After adding IP of IPC to the channel, the NVR main menu-system settings-output mode-channel name can be set

2—IPC connected by ONVIF protocol: support modification on the VCR (also depends on whether third-party cameras support modification)

(Note: If the IPC channel name is modified, the channel name will disappear when disconnected)

5 The NVR adds the channel status, it will be connected for a while, but not connected for a while

1——Check whether the connection mode of the corresponding channel is single connection or multi-connection (main menu-system settings-channel management-digital channel), if it is multi-connection, change to single connection

2——Check whether the network connection with the IPC is normal and whether the IP of the ping device is lost

3——Confirm whether there is any problem with the network cable or router, try to replace it

4——Confirm how many IPCs are connected to a router or switch, is it a problem caused by insufficient bandwidth?

5——Confirm whether the program version of the camera and video recorder is caused by the program. Check whether there is the latest program on the Xiongmai Encyclopedia

6——Our IPC is connected to our NVR and added through NETIP private protocol. Is the added protocol caused by onvif?

6 NVR motion detection interface can not open regional settings option

1——Check whether the programs of the recorder and camera are updated to the programs after 2015. Some old programs do not support linkage setting of IPC area.

2-At present, our NVR motion detection area only supports the setting of devices connected by private protocols. The ONVIF protocol cannot be set. Check whether the camera IPC is our device

7 The NVR recorder automatically restarts

A can run normally, but it will restart from time to time

1——Check management tools—automatic maintenance interface—whether to set automatic restart

2——Update other versions of the program, check whether the current version is wrong; restore the default configuration

3——Turn off the cloud service or unplug the network cable to check whether the IP address conflict or MAC conflict caused

4——. Replace the power adapter, check whether the power of the power supply is reduced, and the power supply is insufficient

5——Disconnect the hard disk and check whether the hardware is compatible

6——Consult the interface person, whether there is batch problem

7——No results, work order submission


B keeps restarting and cannot run normally

1——Check according to the above steps, if not, try U disk upgrade and recovery

2-No results, repair

8 The recorder cannot start

9 The buzzer keeps ringing after the recorder is turned on

——If it can’t boot normally, power off, unplug the hard disk and network cable, restart the machine and try; if it still doesn’t work, it may be a hardware problem and need to be repaired;

——If you can boot normally, you can try the following

1. The device is restored to the factory configuration, and then pay attention to confirm whether the video loss alarm is turned off

2. Update the device program version

3. The problem remains, it should be that the capacitor or the like on the side of the alarm is broken, or the alarm is broken, which is a hardware failure

4. You can contact Xiongmai for technical investigation

10. What is the difference between the burn-in program and the upgrade program

——Burn-in program: complete binary system program, use burner to solidify the program into FLASH, directly batch-mount production, file size is the same as FLASH capacity, file name format is upall ***. Bin ;

——Upgrade program: used for network or U disk upgrade, the file name format is GUI style ***. Bin, such as general style program General ***. Bin

11 supported browsers

Safari Apple browser, Google Chrome, Firefox browser, Opera support cross-browser preview 

1——All are cross-browser access, only support preview, PTZ control and view version information

2-When accessing the Safari Apple browser, the screen cannot be previewed, install the quicktime plug-in, enable it in the network service-RTSP, access

3——The URL of the login interface is displayed as:,  it means that the kernel cross-browser mode is selected, it means that the kernel cross-browser mode is selected

4——IE (Compatible Mode) and 360 browser kernel full-function configuration, support playback, monitoring, PTZ control, configuration, alarm support (full function) 

12 IE access, click the system configuration will open a new page, or an error occurs

——Delete existing plug-ins, download and install again

(Note: The default storage location of the plug-in is C: \ Program Files \ NetSurveillance, delete this folder directly) 

13 Access the device in the local area network, cms can, ie can not access

1——Based on different versions of IE, prefix  http: //

2——If the http port of the device is modified, you need to add IP + port number to access

3——IE’s Internet setting option security level customization The prohibition of ActiveX plug-in is enabled

14 IE access interface clicks playback no response 

——Under the path of C: \ Program Files \ NetSurveillance, delete the folder directly, then log in to IE again to download and run the plug-in


15 Does the IE plugin have a digital certificate 

——General procedures are not included, you need to contact the marketing department for special procedures

16 Are the alarm settings in the client configuration in the IE interface the same as in the CMS

——The action mechanism is slightly different with regard to the setting of the warning in the IE terminal / CMS software

——After triggering the corresponding alarm: the IE side will only open the preview of the channel, if it has been opened, there will be no change

——The CMS client will maximize the channel on a single screen, and the alarm delay can be set-that is, the duration of the single-screen enlargement. JI prompt tone enable only supports wav format audio files

17 Browser compatibility issues

——Frequent updates of cross-browser programs Firefox, chrome, safari, and Firefox will cause compatibility problems with version plugins;

—— Among them, the Firefox browser will prompt npmedia library crash when logging in from July (located as our cross-browser npwebplugin.dll). Debugging this part of the code did not find a bug. Currently, the 38 and 39 versions of Firefox are occasionally tested This problem occurs

——Update Firefox to the latest version 41.0.1. This problem does not occur when testing the new and old programs of Jufeng. If the customer encounters similar problems, please update the latest version browser 41.0.1 


1 There are images in the multi-screen preview, but no images during playback

——View the channel management of the recorder-channel status, display the current resolution and the maximum resolution, the current resolution is the IPC resolution of the camera, and the maximum resolution is the recorder channel resolution

——If the resolution of the IPC is greater than the resolution of the video recorder, the real-time preview picture is the auxiliary stream preview, you can see that the picture is normal,

——When playing back, the main stream picture of the IPC of the camera is played back, the resolution is greater than the channel resolution, so there is no image display

-Adjustable front-end and rear-end resolutions to solve this problem

Note: The auxiliary stream of the camera can only be set below D1, and the maximum resolution of the NVR auxiliary stream is also D1

2 video backup format

——The format of video backup currently only supports H264 and AVI formats;

——If it is a H265 video file, you can only temporarily choose H264 backup. Although the suffix is ​​H264, the actual encoding is H265; this issue is already being processed 

3 NVR requirements for storage hard drives

——Professional NVR data storage capacity is relatively large, there are certain requirements for hard disks; need to buffer 64M and above, 3.5-inch speed 7200 2.5-inch speed 5400 (some home devices use 2.5-inch hard drives, generally other recorders are 3.5-inch) hard drives (It is recommended to use the Western Digital Purple Disk)

4 Can the hard disk on the NVR be removed and put on other devices to make it work normally?

-Can be used on the video recorder of the Xiongmai program, preferably on the same model of equipment

5 When copying video, you can select multiple channels to back up at the same time

——Backup interface-channel drop-down-select all

6 The format of the video file in the hard disk and the file format of the backup video

——The recording file format in our hard disk recorder is H.264

——When backing up, you can choose to back up in the format of avi or H.264 (in the processing of H265 backup problem, H264 is selected on the recorder, and the file is actually H265)

7Whether the hard disk can be removed and received on the computer to play

——Yes, you will be prompted to format the hard disk, click No, you can use our displayer player to play

8 The hard disk is removed from the recorder and connected to the computer. The Diskplayer tool can’t find the file. If it is connected to the recorder, an error is displayed. Reconnect the recorder and format it directly.

1——When the hard disk is connected to the computer, it is forced to be formatted

2——Hard disk failure, you can use the hard disk detection tool to detect whether the hard disk is bad or not

9 NVR does not recognize the hard drive

1——The recorder does not support hot swapping when connected to the hard disk. When the recorder is powered off, connect the hard disk and then power on to start the recorder;

2—Check whether the hard disk is properly powered and whether the SATA data cable is connected normally. You can replace the data cable to check whether the hard disk is normally powered

3-It may be the compatibility problem of the hard disk and the device, try to replace other hard disks, or contact Xiongmai Technology to confirm the supported hard disk model; it is recommended to use the WD Western Digital Purple Disk )

4——Check if the power adapter we used is the standard, it may be caused by insufficient power of the power adapter

5——It may be that the hard disk is damaged and cannot be used normally. Connect it to a computer or other recorder equipment to test whether the hard disk is damaged.

6——Restore the default configuration of the recorder, and confirm that the program of the recorder has been updated to the latest version

7——After the above steps are confirmed, it is still not recognized, you can contact Xiongmai Technology or after-sales processing

10 NVR recorder recording lost

1——Check whether the recording setting is enabled

2——Check the time of the video recorder, the time of the video recorder may be modified, so the video cannot be queried

3—— Corresponding time period, check the log information-whether there is related error log information

4——Check whether the management tool-storage management-hard disk status is normal

5——The hard disk prompts an error, recovers the error, and unplug the hard disk to try again; if there is no hard disk information, you can plug the hard disk to see if it is recognized normally; if the hard disk is invalid, check whether the hard disk is damaged

6——Update the program to see if it is a problem caused by the program version; management tool-restore the default configuration; test whether it is still lost 7-the above methods have been tried, you can contact Xiongmai Technology to follow up

8——The log prompts that there is no code stream, telnet restores the default attempt; the motherboard picture is taken, it may be a hardware problem, you need to return to the factory to modify the resistance

11 Video playback mode fast forward and fast forward playback speed

——The fast forward of the video recorder playback is a jump of 2s, only the I frame is played back, 1-4 represents the playback speed is the nth power of 2, corresponding to 2, 4, 8, 16 times the speed

12 Meaning of priority decoding, equal decoding and full-speed decoding in playback mode

For example, the device supports simultaneous playback of 4 channels, but only one channel can be played back in real time, and the other 3 can only play I frames. In this case:

——Priority decoding: which channel is selected by the mouse, which channel will be played back in real time, the previous real-time channel becomes non-real-time playback

——Binary decoding: The decoding ability is evenly distributed on 4 channels, the playback of each channel becomes non-real-time, and it will become a slow-motion effect. It takes 3 seconds to record 1 second of video. 

——Full-speed decoding: change the encoding to one frame per second, and then use the encoding ability to play back, generally it can ensure that all 4 channels are played back in real time

Note: When decoding at full speed, the current time recording will become 1 second and 1 frame, the same effect of IE preview

13 Whether automatic deletion of recordings is permanently deleted

——It is not permanently deleted, it is automatically hidden; the current automatic maintenance function of the device, custom deletion of video files, it will only isolate the video files from the hard disk, and will not completely delete the files on the hard disk

——For example, if you set to delete the video file 1 day ago, you cannot query the video from 1 day ago; after the automatic maintenance of the device is turned off, the hard disk can query the previous video file

14 Video playback appears one hop at a time, the phenomenon of lagging

——Some devices cannot support full-channel real-time playback; non-real-time playback channels only play I-frames, and the I-frame interval is 2S.

(Note: The number of supported playback channels can be confirmed in the channel mode interface or parameter table)

15 Whether to support the pre-recording function

——3520D solution supports pre-recording function

——The storage space for pre-recording is limited. The pre-recording time is determined by the code stream of the actual storage screen. The smaller the code stream, the longer the pre-recording time. The general pre-recording time is 1-3s

——If you need to extend the pre-recording time, you can consult the marketing department for customization

16 VCR local playback video, type R H M A stands for meaning

——R stands for ordinary recording H stands for manual recording M stands for motion detection recording A stands for external alarm recording

17 Which hard drive models are supported by Xiongmai equipment

——Recommended Western Digital Purple Disk

18 Use a mobile hard disk to back up file system capacity and requirements

——Either 8M or 16M flash supports mobile hard disk and U disk backup, 8M Flash only supports FAT32 format, 16M Flash can also support NTFS format

——The 16M Flash motherboard supports maximum 1T mobile hard disk backup and U disk backup. However, it is best to connect external hard drives with large capacity. Insufficient USB power supply will cause errors in video backup.

(Note: The device USB output current is 1A)

When 19 recorder, how much power can 8 hard drives need to drive 

——The 8-disk video recorder uses the built-in ATX power supply, the maximum current is 15A

What does the “*” behind the 20 hard drive number mean?

——Indicates that the hard disk is in working state, and the current video is stored

21 What is the maximum single hard disk capacity supported by the recorder

——It can support a maximum of 6T (recommended to use WD Western Digital Purple Disk, purchase recommended to purchase WD hard disk produced after 2014-07-01)

22 When the recorder backs up files through the U disk, a Player.exe file function is generated in the U disk at the same time

——This is a playback plug-in, you can use mediaPlayer to play backed up files after installation on the PC

23 The mobile hard disk is connected to the USB port, U disk can be recognized during backup, but the remaining capacity is displayed as 0

—— Due to insufficient power supply, the mobile hard disk with relatively small switching capacity

——This is the reason of the program, it is a bug of the hard disk in the NTFS format and needs to be repaired. It is recommended to update the recorder program to the latest version. If the problem is still there, please contact R & D 4008553199 or after-sales

What is the maximum number of video files queried by 24 recorders?

——The video playback query of the recorder, the upper limit of the displayed file entries is 6000, before it was 2000 (the program supports after the end of 2014)

25 How many video files can be queried during backup

——When backing up video, the upper limit of the displayed video file entries is 1024

26 The format and protocol of the hard disk connected to the recorder

——This is our private format, which is not recognized by the external system. If it is connected to the computer, external Diskplyer is needed to assist in preview backup. The first time it is installed and used, it will be automatically formatted by the recorder.

27 How to calculate the space occupied by video storage

——Code stream value / 8 * time. Example: The default stream value of 720P is: 2560kb / s

——Then 2560/8 = 320kB * 3600s = 1125M / h * 24 = 26G / day

28 When video backup, can I choose multi-channel backup at the same time

——Supported, video playback-video-channel drop-down select full-can be achieved

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