AEEYE Smart NVR 2.0 installation guide

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Welcome to use our company’s network video recorder (NVR) products. For your secure using,
please read this carefully. The following contents are about the proper use of the product,
the prevention of danger and loss of property etc. Please be sure to abide.
1. Installation Environment:
Please place and use this product in the environment with temperature 0-50;
The device should be placed horizontally when it is being installed and used, avoid lean or
Do not place or install it in the high temperature, wet, dusty and sooty places.
Keep the device away from water drop or plash. Don’t put any object with liquid inside like flower
vase or any other object on the device.
To ensure the normal heat dissipation of the device, there is a fan installed inside the device. The
device should be installed in well-ventilated environment;
The back of the should be away from other devices or the wall above 6cm in order to
release heat;
If the device is used in the regions with much thunder, please install lightning protection device to
avoid host or hardware breakdown by lightning stroke.
Do not touch the power and the by wet hands or wet objects, in order to avoid
electric shock;
After installing the host, please make sure that the host and the chassis are connected to the
ground in order to avoid video and audio signal interference and damaged by static electricity;
Ensure the voltage stability of the power supply of the NVR. Use the power input with stable
voltage value and little wave interference rather than shutdown the by disconnecting the
main directly;
Do not drop any liquid or metal on the in case short circuit inside or fire;
The device does not include any hard disk, and you need to properly install the hard disk before
using it, otherwise, you cannot record and playback the video;
The dust on the mainboard will cause short circuit when it is damp. In order to ensure the
long-term normal working, you should regularly deduct the mainboard, connectors, chassis, fan
and so on by a brush;
Do not disconnect the power directly when you want to shutdown the NVR. You should
use the shutdown button on the panel in order to avoid damage to the hard disk;
The device system supports HDD format function. If the HDD has been used, please take note
that if it is with FAT 32 format. This NVR only supports HDD with FAT 32 format;
Do not open the device when it is connected with electricity;
To ensure the integrity of the recording data, please replace the hard disk when it is damaged
(there is disk error record in the log information).
3. Note:
The is for reference only. The real object is the standard;
The products will be updated at any time. It is subject to update without notice.
Please contact our technical department for the latest programs and additional documentation.
If there is any doubt or dispute, our company reserves the right of final explanation.
This offer references to multi-series products. The specific operation of each product will
not be listed one by one. Please contact our technical department when you have any question.

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