FreeIP App User Manual Guide

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FreeIP can run in phone, pad, PC, includes android and IOS systems. User can connect , DVR, NVR, XVR and by phone and PC . The connection between client and IPC, DVR, NVR, XVR and fisheye camera as shown in figure 2-1. FreeIP App is used for phone or pad, web is used for .
App supports phone and pad that with or over Android 4.0 version.
App supports and ipad that with or over IOS 8.0 version.
Support middle and high resolution Android phone of 800*480、1280*720、1920*1080, support middle and high resolution of 7-10 inch Ipad. Old version FREEIP can be replaced directly when new version. It can support three kinds of languages, Chinese, English and Portuguese.
This instruction introduces android, IOS system of phone and pad, ipad App. All current and old apps would have difference in icon and layout, please subject to the actual App you use.

FreeIP is Iphone, Android, Ipad, PC supported.
FreeIP Service Procedure: register–>Log in–>Devices Added–> Service Application
 Freeip Download、Installation
Uaing phone and scanning QR code as figure 3-1 shows or using Ipad to scan QR code of figure 3-2, download and install “FreeIP”. You can also log in “FreeIP “official website www.freeip.com or the following application store to download and install as steps suggested.
Download address for Android:
Download address for IOS:
Figure3-1 Android Phone Download iOS phone download
Download address for Android Pad:
Download address for ipad:
Figure 3-2 Android Pad Download iPad Download

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