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Camera Connection

The reason and solution for connection failure

(Note: In general, choose the wifi with strong signal. After filling in the wifi password correctly, you can quickly connect the camera to the network. However, the following reasons may cause the camera fail to connect.)

Q:Make sure the wifi account and password are filled in correctly.

If the light is not flashing green light, please use the ejector pin to press the RESET on the back of the camera to reset the device until you hear the reset reminder voice. The green light start to flashes then means it is normal.

Q:Check if the green light of the camera is blinking.

If the binding fails, maybe it’s caused by wrong wifi account and password that you have filled, and the camera cannot be connected to the Internet.
Pay special attention to whether there is a comma “,” US dollar “$” input, and try to avoid complex and uncommon symbols.

Q:If the binding fails or there is no image after binding, please check if the app or camera firmware are old versions.

App Update: Please use the QR code on the manual to download the latest version of the App.
Firmware Update: Please use App—click “Camera”— find and click “Settings” — select “Firmware Update”.
Update by APP—click ‘camera ’— click ’Setting’ —select ’Firmware’ — confirm that there is a newest firmware version—click ’download’ — you can see ‘The firmware is updating, please wait a moment’ — wait for the firmware to complete the update— The equipment will reset automatically—Wait for about 3 minutes, the indicator light will be off during the update period then you will hear a prompt voice ’connecting WIFI ’, it means the update is completed successfully. After connected to the WIFI, click ’camera’ —’setting’ —’firmware update’ to ensure that SimCam is the newest version; If you hear ‘connecting WIFI’ in one minute, it means update fails, please double check below; the APP is the newest version, the network is working properly, and the SD card could read and write file. Then repeat steps above, if it fails to update again, please try to update manually via TF card.
Update manually—Download the newest firmware file from the official website (Download URL:—Power off and take out the SD card—Copy files named ‘rootfs’ into the SD card—insert the card into the equipment and plug in the power—you will hear a prompt voice ‘connecting WIFI’ after 3minutes, it means update successfully, after connected to the WIFI, click ’camera’ —’setting’ —’firmware update’ to ensure that SimCam is the newest version. If you hear ‘connecting WIFI’ at once, it means update fails, please check out if ‘rootfs’ files are right and the SD card can read ‘rootfs’ files normally. Please make sure that all steps are right and repeat them. If fails to update again, please contact our after-sales support.

Q:The camera light is blue (connected to wifi), no display on the APP homepage.

Please swipe down the “camera” interface to refresh the device page. If the camera status is red and the display is waiting for connection, please wait a few seconds and then pull down again.
It can be used when the camera interface displays “Safety Detection”. If it still cannot be displayed, please check wifi or try to reset the camera.

Q:Determine whether the binding failed due to improper router settings.

If the wifi connected to the camera is equipped with a tamper-proof network (blacklist, MAC address filtering, etc.), the camera will not be connected to the network. In this case, you need to cancel the router’s tamper-proof network settings.
Some routers have wifi name hiding function. Please check if the router has set wifi name hiding, and then cancel the hidden function.
When configuring the camera for the first time, please make sure that the phone and the camera are in the same wifi network. After binding wifi for the first time, the device will automatically connect to the binding wifi whether it is powered off or restarted.
If you are a campus/enterprise user and the school/company assigns static IP to each student/employee, for which you need to enter the static IP information manually to access the Internet. At present, the camera network does not support this scenario, and you need to select other available wifi connection devices.
Camera does not support WPA/WPA2’s “enterprise” encryption method for camera networking, only WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, or enterprise wifi without password. If you are connecting the camera to the network in the enterprise network environment, please confirm in advance whether the wifi encryption method meets the requirements of the camera networking.

Other problems

Q:What size of memory card supported by the camera?What are the requirements for the memory card?

SIMCAM support Max 128GB memory card in FAT32 format.
SIMCAM only supports SD cards with FAT32 format. For exFAT, NTFS, please use partition management software like PartitionGuru to format SD cards into FAT32. If there are hidden partitions or others, please format it too. Make full use of the hidden partition and format it to fully FAT32 partition.

Q:After receiving the notification, can not check the video in the reminder interface.

The camera will record a short 15-second video after the trigger message is pushed. Please check the video 15 seconds after receiving the message. If still cannot be checked on phone, please click on the downloaded video or return to the previous page to try again.

Q:Face recognition rate is low or not recognized.

Please confirm if a special attention object is set.
Please enter the family member list—click “Select Device”—click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add a member—swipe left to set the added member to “Special attention”.
At this point, the device already has a face recognition function that automatically pushes a message to your mobile phone after identifying a particular object of interest.
Please check if the face recognition photo taken is correct.
Family member photos only need face photos, please do not import full/half-length photos.
Please make sure that the photographs of the faces are not too dark, the outline of the face should be clear, not blocked by the hair, and there is no ghosting.
Please note that the backlight and low-light environment will affect the face recognition, and the face recognition function cannot be effective in the night vision mode of the camera.

Q:How to set the sub account ?

The mobile phone number that has registered the SIMCAM client cannot be set as a sub account.
The sub-account can be set at your own need, not limited to the mobile phone number, and is not limited to capital letter and characters.

SimCam Firmware V20200111 DOWNLOAD

Update on Firmware 20200111:

  • – Add a high rate encoding format.
  • – Add the security model of LAN: AI detection still works,permissions on remotely seeing live stream and recordings will be turned off.

Update on next new firmware version:

-Add option of FULL High Definition live stream channel.

-Improve image’s quality, adjust the resolution to 1080P.

-Optimize firmware’s online upgrade feature.

-Fix the issue of the camera’s configuration parameters cannot be saved.

Following updates:

-Add Voice prompts for updated firmware successfully.

-Add AWS communication service support and increase the speed of communication response.

-Fix the issue of repeating download same event.

-Improve the sound quality of two-way audio.

-Add the function of review video history.

-Optimize the PTZ(Gimbal) automatic follow-up feature.

-Optimize the private mode and support offline mode.

-Optimize download function of Magic.

-Add new function of cloud storage.

Android V3.3.1 android_app

Format SD Card to FAT32 DOWNLOAD

SimCam security camera setup

Person detection and Object monitoring functions


Face Recognition

Update the Firmware Manually

pdffileSimCam AI Camera Quickstart Guide190321.pdf

pdffileNAS Storage.pdf

pdffileGuidance for setting Echo Dot.pdf

pdffileGuidance for connecting to Google Home Mini.pdf

pdffileInstruction on Initial Connection with SIMCAM AI Camera.pdf

pdffileSimCam Open Platform-V1.2.pdf

pdffileConnect to IFTTT.pdf

pdffileSynology RTSP Operation Instruction.pdf

SimCam AI Camera Quickstart Guide

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