Samsung Smartcam SNH-V6410PN Full guide

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The SNH-V6410 is a compact Pan & camera which can be remotely controlled from your smartphone via wifi. It has a motorized ‘object tracking’ particularly useful for automatically seeing what your pets are getting up to. Although designed for general security purposes, it’s a camera which can double up as a baby monitor and offers the added bonus of helping you effortlessly keep in touch with your teenage children whilst you are out.

Watch what matters most

It can be taken for granted that all home security cameras, including the Samsung SNH-V6410, will capture amazing quality Full HD images, The SNH-V6410 has Night Vision capability which ensures it will continue to capture high quality images for up to 5 meters in low light conditions.

Stay Connected

You cannot always be at home and so peace of mind comes with knowing you can have a two-way conversation within anyone in close proximity to the SNH-V6410 via a built-in microphone. There is a 128GB SDXC memory slot so that precious memories can be recorded, such as a child’s first steps. You also have the flexibility to record video content or still images directly to your smart device whilst using the Samsung SmartCam App.

Setup and installation couldn’t be simpler and in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea, your camera will be setup. Simply download the SmartCam app for either iOS or and follow easy to understand in-App instructions. Be prepared to think up a personalised password as is on the case when it comes to ensuring cyber criminals won’t invade your privacy.

Key Features

  • Compact designed Pan/ camera
  • Full HD camera
  • Object Tracking
  • Privacy mode(-80)
  • SDXC Memory Slot(Max. 128GB)
  • Event Notification
  • Motion Zone Select
  • Night VIsion to 16ft(5m)
  • Wide Dynamic Range

Two models:

  • White (SNH-V6410PNW)
  • Black (SNH-V6410PN)

Manuals and Guides

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