Network surveillance cameras connected to the network are more susceptible to intrusion than analog closed-circuit surveillance (CCTV) surveillance cameras in the past. Therefore, almost all network surveillance cameras use an account password mechanism to protect the camera and prevent illegal access. In the past, everyone used the original account password. Since the incident that a weak password camera was controlled by a hacker broke out, network camera manufacturers have requested to change the account password when using the camera. Although the security of the device is strengthened, some troubles occur when the user uses the device, especially the user often forgets the device password. After the user forgets the password, the user cannot access and control the camera and cannot modify various parameters. So how can I reset the password? Of course, the best way is to contact the installer, supplier, or manufacturer of the product. Usually it will help you. This article provides a password reset tool so that you can reset the camera’s password. The tool can be run under Windows system, very small files, no need to install. The tool has a built-in special algorithm that can generate reset information based on the date, time, and serial number entered.

Network surveillance camera password reset tool download

This method is suitable for models with “Forgot Password?” Option on the login interface

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1. Connect the IPC to the NVR. After the connection is successful, the specific time of the current IPC will be displayed in the upper right corner of the IPC image displayed on the NVR channel screen. IPCs that have forgotten their passwords can use private protocols (i8, i8s, i8H, SLINK, i9 and other private protocols) Add, private protocol can automatically add a password, no need to manually enter the verification
2, IE login IPC, find “forgot password” in the login interface, click in, enter the user name admin, click next, the following screen appears

Network surveillance camera reset password page

3. Enable the SuperPassword.exe tool, fill in the “Serial Number” (can be copied and pasted) in the SerialNumber column; fill in the “Unique Identifier” (can be copied and pasted) in the Token column; fill in the current IPC time in the Expiry Date column ( Note: The time filled here is greater than the IPC time, it is recommended to add 1 hour by default),
click Do it, copy all the generated information to the “Reset Information” column of IPC, and click Save; the operation is successful, the IPC password It can be restored to the factory 23456.

Password reset tool


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