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IPC question Basic operation

1 Default IP address of IPC camera

The factory default IP of the camera is:

Note: When accessing the device for the first time, please modify the IP and local PC to be in the same network segment

2 How to determine the module chip solution from the system version information

1——Version information: composition form VA.AA.RBB.XXXXXXXX.XXXXX

2——A.AA represents the software version number, such as 4.02 above 

3——RBB represents the baseline version. For the product, our company will regularly make larger version plans to discuss the functions that need to be added. At this time, there will be a baseline version number, such as R10 above

4——XXXXXXXX has a total of 8 digits, and the form is: OEM manufacturer number (XXX) + chip solution (XX) + product compilation directory number (XXX). This number is unique for each different program, so pass these 8 Bit number, combined with the above channel information, you can know the specific device model of the customer and the corresponding chip solution; 

5——The following is the corresponding information of the currently used chip solutions, which is convenient for everyone to judge in their daily work:

Chip solution:

01 <Aebell> HiSilicon 3518C / 3516C 16M

02 <ALI> HiSilicon 3518C 8M (S38)

03 <BaoXinSheng> TI -S series

04 <Blacks> Ambarella Platform

06 <Citrox> Hass 3518E 8M

07 <ClearView> HiSilicon 3518E 8188wifi module ( 8M )

10 <HaiRui> HiSilicon 3516A 16M

12 <JiuXiao> Fisheye M3881C 16M

13 <KYKJ> Fisheye M3881C 8M

14 <LangShi> Hass 3516D 16M

16 <NiMAX> GM8136S / GM8135S 16M

17 <OverSea> GM8136S / GM8135S 8M

18 <QiHan> HiSilicon 3518E / 16CV200 8M

19 <RM> HiSilicon 3518E / 16CV200 16M

20 <RONIN> HiSilicon 3518E / 16CV200 8188wifi

3 The PC’s IP address cannot be found in the same LAN

1——Check the network cable interface on the camera tail cable, the green light is on, the device is powered on, and it is not on, please replace the power supply or socket; the yellow light is on, the network is connected, the yellow light is off, replace the network cable or network cable socket  

2——Connect directly to the computer with a network cable, the computer is set to a fixed IP address, leaving only one local connection, wireless and other networks are prohibited first

 3——If you can find it, please check the network configuration of the router and switch 

 4——If it is not found, ping the device IP if the device IP address is known 

5——The base of the home robot and card machine has a reset hole, which can withstand 15 seconds and can be forced to restore the factory settings. The default IP is

6——If you still can’t find it, contact Xiongmai Technology

4Whether the robot supports outdoor use

——Without waterproof function and restricted construction of monitoring area, please discuss indoor use

5  IPC how to adjust the image color 

1——Browser login, you can see the image color option in other settings in the lower right corner, click to open the interface to set related parameters,

2——VCR access, right click on the channel screen, select image color, modify parameters

3-At present, our back-end video recorder is connected to IPC, you can set the image color directly on the back-end, or you can synchronize to the front-end IPC

Note: The parameters mainly include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gain, horizontal sharpness, vertical sharpness

6 Our 0712C 50H10PE-S module is equipped with multiple IR models, and all IR switching problems occur

1——This module’s IR power supply interface has been modified to support 3.3V IR access (generally the module is 5V 12V)

2——For customers who are not equipped with IR, we recommend using the model: Ruida 02305526-030

7 Our AF camera can not zoom, how to operate

1-You can choose zoom first, then choose zoom to try   

2——Call 251 preset points and reposition the coordinates

(Note: This operation may cause the screen to zoom continuously, and the screen cannot be displayed normally. Use with caution)

Positioning coordinate principle: In fact, the device autofocus is based on a coordinate system. If the coordinate system of the client device is not established, some abnormal problems may occur, call the preset point, and reposition

8 IPC camera can search two IP addresses

——If the device is connected to the WIFI module, 2 IPs will appear in the search, one is wired and the other is WIFI

9 Sudden network interruption or power failure during IPC upgrade

1——If the data has been sent 100%, the upgrade process will be interrupted; it will cause the device to fail to start, you need to upgrade the serial port or burn flash or return to the factory

2——If the data has been sent 100%, the upgrade process interrupts the network and will not be affected (but you will not see the upgrade success prompt, there is a certain risk, and it may not start)

3-If the data is not sent 100%, power off or network disconnection in the middle will not affect

10 IPC can only display one screen through IE, how to preview multiple IPC at the same time

——When accessing IPC via web, only one screen can be displayed

——There are multiple IPCs, which are managed by our supporting client software (for example: CMS VMS SNVR)

11 How to install the camera and fix it on the wall

1——Conch and hemispheres are generally inverted bases that can be removed. Fix the base to the wall with screws, and then fix the body part to the base 

2——The guns are in the bracket, just fix the bracket to the wall directly, there are hexagonal tools to adjust the angle between the bracket and the fuselage 

12 After the HiSilicon robot is upgraded, it is normal to call the preset point, and the cruise between the points cannot be called

——There are not many customers who use this function, and it will affect the motor if it is used for a long time, so the new program removes this function, and there is no plan to add this function temporarily

13 How to test the color reproduction test

——Need to use light box, color card, and test software

14 The camera has a canopy outdoors, and there is water mist on the glass cover

1——Caused by temperature difference 

2——Encapsulation problem of the whole machine cover, leading to the entry of cold air 

15 Tips for piracy through webcam access 

——Procedure issues, contact Xiongmai Technology for special treatment

16 part of the version 00001532 53H20L camera upgrade 2015.1.31 program, there will be encryption errors

——When encountering such problems, let the customer upgrade to the 2014.09.05 program to temporarily solve it, and the later R & D will optimize the program

17 How to reverse the image after the camera is installed

——IE landing camera—device configuration—system setting—camera parameters—check flip / mirror

18 The camera faces the LED display and cannot see the image on the display clearly

——Normal phenomenon, this is caused by the inconsistency between the frequency of the LED display and the displayed frame rate and the camera

19 The image color of the IE interface, when the infrared light is turned on, adjust the image color-infrared light is turned on-the right parameter, the image has no change

——The parameters on this side are not distinguished, the parameters on the right are not yet enabled, and the parameters on the left are used uniformly

20 IPG-53H20PL-S often has no code stream

——A resistor near the screw hole that fixes the IRCUT on the edge of the sensor is easy to break, resulting in the situation of no code stream. This phenomenon needs to be repaired.

21 How to switch the video format (P / N system)

——Equipment configuration-system settings-general settings-video format

——Confirm after selection, the device will restart, just after restart

22 fisheye module to correct 4 picture segmentation, each picture resolution

——IPG-53M10F-B fisheye module, the picture resolution after four divisions: two 640 * 352 two 640 * 368; total 1280 * 720

23 IPC network side manual capture resolution

——The resolution of manual image capture in IE real-time preview is the current preview resolution

24 How to delay IR switching time

——Day and night conversion threshold: Set the critical value of color to black in the automatic option of day / night mode (this option is effective when the day and night mode is automatic). You can use the conversion threshold as the (intensity of external light). Minor key, IR switches only when the light is darker, IR switching time is delayed, otherwise, advance 

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