How to wire PoE cameras

If you want to learn how to wire PoE cameras, you are in the right place.

How to wire IP cameras

There are different ways to power up an IP camera using Power over Ethernet and I will teach you all of them in this article, so just keep reading…

Just to make sure we are on the same page, I assume you know what PoE is but just in case you don’t just read the article that explains What is PoE.

Since PoE is part of an international standard you can find compliant devices available everywhere, which includes IP cameras, PoE switches, and PoE Injectors.

You can also find NVRs (Network Video Recorders) that are PoE compliant and power the IP cameras that are directly connected to their port.

Let’s start talking about this type of device.

Power over Ethernet NVR

The simplest way to wire a PoE camera is to connect it directly to a PoE NVR.

As you can see in the following diagram, it’s necessary only to use a UTP cable from the IP camera to the NVR which is also connected to a laptop.

How to wire IP cameras with an NVR

The picture below shows an IP camera connected directly to an 8-port PoE NVR that uses the international standard 802.3af, which means the device sends 48V (volts) to the camera which can consume a power of up to 12.95W (watts).

How to wire IP cameras with an NVR

This type of connection is very simple and no extra equipment is required since there’s one port per camera and all of them use such as an international standard.

on the other hand, some other NVRs have only one network port and depend on a PoE switch to connect and power the IP cameras on.

The surveillance kit I’m using in this picture is manufactured by Zosi and you can find it on the Amazon store usually for less than $200.

Power over Ethernet Switch for IP cameras

You can use a PoE switch to power up the IP cameras.

It’s a regular Ethernet switch used for computers, there’s nothing special.

The following picture shows a PoE camera connected to the switch which is also connected to a laptop using UTP (network) cables.

PoE Switch for IP camera

How about the recording ? You may ask.

It’s possible to use software to record the video stream from the IP camera or you an NVR can be connected to the switch to become part of the system.

How to wire IP cameras with a switch

As I mentioned before, some NVRs have only one port to connect to the network and that’s the reason you need to use a network switch (or router).

Take a look at the picture below and see how a PoE switch is used to connect to the NVR (red circle) and the IP camera.

How to wire IP cameras using PoE Switch and NVR

Power over Ethernet Injectors for IP cameras

PoE injectors are also very popular to power IP cameras.

If you are concerned about how to wire PoE cameras spending just a few bucks, that’s the way to go since you can buy a PoE injector for less than $30.

The picture below shows the TP Link PoE injector that can be used to power up IP cameras using the international standard IEEE 802.3af for up to 100m.

TP Link PoE Injector

Some PoE Injectors can also power non-standard PoE devices as it happens with this TP-link model as shows in the diagram below.

TP-Link PoE Diagram

 source: TP-Link website

The PoE injector is connected simultaneously to a switch and to a Non-PoE device that is powered using DC (12V, 9V or 5V).

That’s a smart way of using a power injector to accomplish two tasks at a time.

Video: How to wire Poe Security Cameras

Just watch this quick video that shows the use of PoE for security cameras.


It’s possible to send power to IP cameras using a regular power supply or a PoE device but the last option is the smart one since it uses less cable and it’s easier to deal with.

Just choose the option that is more convenient for your case.

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