How to make a pink camera

Security cameras are not always perfect. They can break and malfunction at different points. However, if your security camera shows a pink image, you can find out how to fix it in this article.


It is a common problem for security cameras to turn the whole image pink. This issue, in particular, turns the footage to pink! It might seem crazy, but it could happen.

Keep in mind that this can be sudden and creates a pink hue in the picture. In addition, this affects your footage because it degrades the resolution and quality, making your camera less useful in keeping you secure.

Why security camera shows a pink image

Various factors can take an effect on the pink image. For example, this error can come from lousy software or firmware, wrong settings, and environmental issues.

Despite all of these issues, the leading cause is usually a malfunctioning infrared light filter that has either been broken or gotten stuck.

The Infrared filter is a color filter that blocks infrared lighting. During the daytime, the image is captured, and the IR Cut Filter is laid on top of the sensor. This prevents the infrared light to her in the image sensor.

Remember that the IR Cut Filter automatically turns on and off to filter invisible light. This means they can stuck in the night mode and create a pink screen or sometimes even green!

How to fix a security camera shows a pink image


There are various ways to fix the issue when a security camera shows a pink image. Let’s go over some of the more common ones.

Resetting the whole camera


Unplug the camera and wait a couple of seconds to a minute before plugging it back in. If you are using a battery-operated camera or rechargeable camera, you can restart it through the app or by removing the battery.

This might help set everything back in place, but it might not fix the entire issue.

Reset the IR LED board

To do this, you will need to manually turn off the IR LED board through the settings or by physically opening the camera and finding the cable to disconnect.

After a few seconds, you should turn it back on. To find more in-depth explanations for this, you can search on the camera’s manual or online.

It might be easier to check the settings first before you rip open your camera. A few brands have the feature to turn it off and on in the settings. Ensure that if you are using the settings to reset the IR LED Board, turn it on and off a couple of times.

Magnetic solution


Lead Magnet over paper background attracting and retaining many spheres, symbol of new customers. B2B inbound marketing concept. 3D illustration

To remove a locked IR Cut Filter, you can use a strong magnet and perform a sweeping motion on top of the lens of the camera.

Unsticking the IR filter will make the picture go back to normal, especially since the filter causes many of the issues, including pink, green, or even black and white imaging.


It is crucial to keep the camera clean, which might be what is keeping the IR LED filter stuck in place. You can do this by opening the camera and removing any dirt.

Remember to close the lid correctly to keep any dirt from entering and to keep and water from condensing the lens. To keep it from condensing, you can also use gel bags that collect any humidity.

Check the temperature


Since it is a movable part, it is likely to get stuck. However, this means that if a camera is in a cold environment, the filter can freeze and not work.

Moreover, check that your camera is supposed to be used outside and how much heat and cold it can take. Every camera is different, so make sure your camera can stay outside all winter long.

Check the camera’s image settings


Ensure that the camera settings are not modified in any way that would alter the color of the image. You can do so by checking the Image Settings and making sure you did not apply a pink overlay on the image.

Lastly, you can also reset the image settings by clicking a default button. This should make the security camera pink image issue disappear.

Factory resetting


There is a big difference between resetting and factory resetting a camera. When you reset a camera, the settings stay the same. However, when the camera is factory resetted, it will erase all the settings you have placed.

Suppose any image settings are incorrectly chosen by factory resetting. In that case, they will return to normal, and it can fix any issues, especially if the pink image is happening because of a software-related problem.

We already have some articles of how to reset cameras. Make sure to check them out!

Replace IR Cut Filter

Lastly, the IR Cut Filter might be permanently stuck or broken. Therefore, you will have to replace the IR board. To find one, you might have to search online for the specific one for the camera brand you own.

It is likely that it will not run very expensive. Additionally, it is simple to replace; therefore, you might be able to do it yourself quickly.

Contact the company



Suppose you have tried all of the above and are still hopeless to discover whether your camera has audio features.

In that case, you can reach out to the company. Nothing is better than getting the words straight from the horse’s mouth.

It is vital to purchase from big brands and companies that are most likely to help, whether through an online chat or a phone call.

After figuring out what kind of camera you have, they will be able to tell you whether or not there is some specific way to fix it.

They can offer you a new one in some cases, or they can give you a refund, and maybe even a discount towards another camera.

If you cannot fix it at all, you can always buy a new one as many cameras nowadays are very affordable and easy to purchase.

The bottom line


In short, by doing simple tasks, you might be able to fix your security camera pink image without having to buy or receive a new one.

However, keep in mind that cameras can malfunction and stop working beyond repair. It is always best if you purchased from a big and reliable company that you can reach out to.

Let us know down below if you were able to fix the pink screen of your camera!

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