Foscam FHD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera Setup Guide (PDF)

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FOSCAM camera is an integrated with a High Definition Color enabling viewing resolution 1920 * 1080. It combines a high quality digital video camera, with a powerful web server, to bring clear video to your desktop from anywhere on your local or over the Internet. FI9928P supports P2P function. Thanks to the P2P easy technology, you don’t need to do complicated Port Forwarding and DDNS settings, you just need to scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera to connect it on smart phone, or input the UID on VMS software to realize remote access. FI9928P supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth. The is based on the TCP/IP standard. There is a WEB server inside which could support Internet Explorer. Therefore the management and maintenance of your device is simplified by using the network to achieve the remote configuration and start-up. The camera is designed for surveillance applications such as courtyards, supermarket, and school. Controlling the IP camera and managing images are simplified by using the provided web interface across the network utilizing connectivity. FOSCAM provides Phone apps for and users, please search “Foscam” and install it through app Store, then you can view your camera directly as a computer.

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