Download: Hisilicon IP Camera CD Content (Manual&Software)

Thanks for purchasing our cost-effective IP cameras which are based on Hisilicon solution.

1.0MP (720P) [Omnivision] OV9712 + Hi3518E               1.0MP (720P) [Omnivision] OV9712 + Hi3518C

1.3MP (960P) [Aptina] R0130 + Hi3518C

2.0MP (1080P) [Omnivision] OV2710 + Hi3516C             2.0MP (1080P) [Sony] IMX222 + Hi3516C

Apply to below IP Cameras :

Hisilicon IP Camera from Unifore

User’s Manual (Web interface)
Online CD
Online read:Online CDClick to view
Windows PC Client
Online CD
Software version:V2.0.2.1 Size:3.91M Date:6/6/2014
Support:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 ,Windows 8
Online CD Windows PC User manual
Android Phone
Online CD
Software version :V1.2.5 Size:2.81M Date:5/7/2016
Apply to below Android 2.2(+)
IPhone APP
Online CD
Software version :V2.9 Size:3.6 MB Date:27/4/2014
Support iPhone , iPad , iPad Touch 7
Click on the image to download
IE Plugin
Online CD
Software version :V2.0 Size:2.34M Date:5/4/2014
Support:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
IE Plugin:Download
Readme:1.Close the firewall 2.IE-Options-Open Security custom the first 17 items
Search Tool
Online CD
Software version:V 7.0 Size:20.49M Date:6/5/2014
Support:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Click to download:Download
Video Player (VLC)
Online CD
Software version:V2.1.1 Size:1.4M Date:12/4/2014
Support:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Click to download:Download

IP cameras have been popular in the nowadays’s security industry. TI and Hisilicon are two mainstream solutions which can provide reliable, full features and overall high quality image performance, but there are still some differences as below:

  1. IP camera adopts TI solution with double PCB board design, the CCD image capturing board and Encode board are separated, therefore this allow camera provide reliable performance, but Hi-silicon solution only uses single board design(Imaging + Encoding).
  2. The TI chip-sets’working temperature range is -40 degree to 110 degree, and Hisilicon chip-set working temperature is -30 degree to 80 degree.
  3. Hisilicon solution based IP camera is more cost-effective. For normal usage (home and small business), user can use the Hisilicon based IP camera. For commercial project, we recommend the TI based IP cameras.

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