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Akuvox Intercoms Latest firmware

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Monitor Firmware

Models  Firmware
C313S C313W Only shows first 5 contacts on main display Cloud 5.0, VLAN, DND confirm Supports unlock from monitor with cloud Test version with blacklist Adds blacklist functionality
C315S C315W Cloud 5.0, bug – monitoring r27 with cloud may not work Fixed a smartplus crash issue, and apps can return automatically after a call
C317A All functions of Cloud V5.0 supported, fixed rare reboot after call. Bug: Monitoring R27 may fail with Akuvox Cloud Better compatibility with Hikvision IPC optimization and bug fixes Relay/unlock bug fixes
Latest: can now be used as webrelay
Latest: Better compatibility with Hikvision IPC
IT83CR IT83R All functions of Cloud V5.0 are supported, message interface improved, contacts improved. Fixed contact import, and random reboot on hangup Supports Hikvision IPC better

Door Station Firmware

Models  Firmware
R20A R20K
R20V No cloud, basic options Can be unlocked by all, use this firmware if you are using a 3rd party server Beta firmware, allows green button to be used for calls on R20K R20k keypad webrelay integration (test version) voice echo and duplex quality, memory leak fix Supports additional web interface languages Fixed camera initialization issues Bug: Cannot read RFID after pressing keypad button Beta firmware to stabilize video packet loss for some phones Beta ver. to improve rtsp/video stability
Latest: Refreshes keypad every 10 seconds to prevent keypad lockout bug for R20K
R20 V2.0 R20B
R20K V2.0 Beta – supports webrelay for rfid
R26B R26C
R26P No cloud, unlock by all available Use this version if you are having cloud connectivity issues Fixed web relay unlock issue Fixed removal of default ring back file Bug fix – hang up after unlock (beta version)
Latest: Fixes speed dial button
R29C R29F
R29S no cloud, no video preview last version with old interface Bug: Sorting contacts by ascii does not work for cloud Supports multiple phone dialing in Cloud V5.0, reception/speed dial configuration from the cloud (guard phone or any apt) Supports cloud 5.0, bug with direct dial, bug with calling room numbers Cloud 5.2 Optimization of RTSP NACK for weaker networks Possibility of wiegand bug, may need reboot
Latest: Supports relay selection on face unlock

IP Phone Firmware

Models  Firmware Works as public guard phone for Cloud 5.0

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