XMEye Android Setup Guide (PDF)

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This APP was designed to control and view images from remote devices through android device. Support android 4.1 or higher version.
The manual will mainly introduce set up and use mobile video

Main Features:

 Support simplified Chinese、traditional Chinese 、English and Korean four languages;
 Support view real-time via WIFI and GPRS;
 Support login/local login/direct login;
 Support series number/IP address/domain name interview;
 Support multiple channels switch(Max 64 channel);
 Support remote playback;
 Support configure, modify and delete the device;
 Support PTZ control;
 Support local snapshot and recording;
 Support record and view live video;
 Support audio function;

 Support real-time voice intercom;
 Support alarm information receive;
 Support the configure of encode and record; Installation

  1. Lynn Vickers says

    I purchased a Reolink Go but didn’t realize that I had to use a prepaid SIM card so it would not connect. I opened a ticket but didn’t get a response until the day I returned it. I will order another one and try again with a prepaid SIM card. I suggest that it is very clear on the Amazon site that you MUST use a prepaid SIM card.

  2. Brandy Beck says

    every post is very informative for your health ..

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