Tutorial of PoE IP System

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1. NVR,
2. Memory card, waterproof tape, , HDMI cable, Network cables, Monitor.

a) What can I do when NVR interface shows NO LINK?
 Check the online status of on Camera Management interface, insure the
camera is online;
 Check the Live View setting on —Live View—View interface, insure
the channel live view setting is normal.
b) What can I do when camera shows offline on NVR?
 Check the Status of camera on Camera Management interface, if it shows The user
name or the is wrong, change the channel password to camera password; 
If it shows IP camera does not exist ,check the PoE port status on Camera
Management—Camera—PoE Configuration interface, insure the camera power supply is
 If the power supply is abnormal, try to re-plug the network cable in PoE port or
change the network cable
c) What can I do when live view interface shows unsupported stream type?
 Change the encode type of camera sub stream from MJPEG to or .
d) What can I do when play back interface shows no video file?
 Check the status of HDD on HDD interface, if it shows uninitialized, initialize the
 Check the record schedule on Record—Schedule interface, if the record schedule is
empty, set the record schedule.

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