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– What to Do If You Forgot The Admin of The System?

For this system, there will be some optional way to , please kindly find which way is suitable for you.

Here are the methods to reset the password.

1. Please contact to get the general super password according to the system date displayed on your monitor.

2. Can you see a “?” on the login page,? If yes, please refer to this link to find the key number and send it to technical support, and then please don't turn off your .
After technical support gets your code, the agent will generate a super password for you.

3. Can you see a small QR code after you input the wrong password 5 times? If yes, please click it and make it enlarge, and then please send the full and clear picture of this QR code to the technical support. After the technical support gets your picture, the agent will generate a super password for you.

4. If the above method all not suitable for your case, please kindly note that can you see some prompt message on your login page, such as
System maintenance, please contact the installer, SN: XXXXXXXX“. If it is in this case, please kindly send us a clear picture of this prompt message window, and then please inform us of the system date displayed on your monitor. After we get your pictures, we will inform you how to do it for the next step.

XMeye – How to Change the System's Password?

The system's default password is blank(nothing). We suggest you change the system‘s default password when you hook up the system for the first time to your privacy. Below are instructions on how to change the password.

Here are the steps:

1. Use the system's user name admin and default password blank to log in system.


2. Right click mouse and select the Main Menu


3. Go to advanced


4. Go to Account


4. select admin and click Modify Pwd


5. Input the new password and confirm it. Since the old password is the default password which is blank, leave the old password blank.

Click OK to save.



XMeye – How to Use Security Questions to Reset Your System's Password?


1. Please go to this login interface and tick the ‘?' option.


2. You will see these are two Security Questions like the picture below shows. And please input the Answers and then tick OK.


3. Then the system will automatically pop up this interface like the picture below shows. You can input the new password that you want to set up.


4. Then, there is a message shows Modify Password Successfully.


  1. Jack thoka says

    Forgot password

  2. Tunde says

    Date on my DVR is 20-08-15 time 17:34:18

    SN: a088eb0ea6453fe0

  3. Peter says


    This is all that I get after 5 wrong password attempts:
    2021-09-08 19:38:52
    Key: 60278189

    I can send a screenshot, if you tell me how to send you an image.

    Thank you


    Password required plz help
    Key 62904972

  5. VASILE says

    maintenance please contact engineering . sn:f0b669d49b8e3869

  6. Nolin says

    Please help me…

    What is the app factory password… It ask me to resume to factory settings…

  7. sn:8601326329716 says

    forgot passwords

  8. Omid says

    Hi I forgot my password I can send the key to generate new password

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