How to use the Visitor Mode on Hik-Connect app

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The visitor mode is a useful feature offered by phone app (for Hikvision CCTV devices). If you log in as a visitor, a visitor account will be created for you by default, and you can add devices to the and manage them without registration.

use visitor mode in Hik-Connect app?

Step 1. Install Hik-Connect on your smartphone and run it. The app version must be 3.5.0 or newer (older versions don’t support this feature).
Step 2. Tap on the Visitor Mode button and Hik-Connect app will create a visitor account for you. Note: You can tap on Manage Device as Visitor (no need to register) to get more information in the login page.

Step 3. Tap on Add Device button and scan the on device label or QR code under Platform  in the local ’s GUI (interface) to add a new device to your phone. Note: You can also tap the adding icon on top right and select Scan QR code or Manual Adding to add a device to your phone.

Step 4. Tap Add button and then tap Finish button.

  1. One device can only be added to one visitor account.
  2. If you use the client in visitor mode, after you delete the client or change your phone, the visitor account will also be deleted, so that the device added in the account will be unavailable for a new account.
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