How to reset the password on XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)

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If you have forgotten or lost the for XMeye DVR, there’s an easy way to . This step by step guide will show all the steps you need to undertake in order to reset the password for your XMeye DVR (sometimes called HD iDVR or H264 DVR). In a few words, we will use a password generator to get the right super password.

These H.264 are manufactured by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co and are often sold under other brand names. This method will work and will reset the password, as long as the user interface of your looks the same as the pictures below. So, if you’re not sure about the model of your recorder but the user interface looks the same, then you can use this guide to recover the lost password.

XMeye / iDVR H264 reset

Step 1. Go to your DVR and bring up the login screen.
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Step 2. Click the ? icon to exit the extra .
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Step 3. Write down the key number at the bottom left of the screen.
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Step 4. Use the key to generate a supper password. Click here for the Super Password.

Note: If you can’t the link above, then you can download  Super Password app. If you can’t find the app through the store on your phone, you can download the on this link or on Google Play Store link. Once the app is installed on your phone, enter the key code (the so called “safe code”).
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Step 5. The tool will generate a master password, in our case the master password is 335377.
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Step 6. Enter the master password to the recorder.
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)The XMeye HD iDVR will reboot. Once the machine is back online the old (forgotten) password will be erased. Login by using the username admin and leave the password box empty (blank).

If that method didn’t work, then try to generate the super password using the recorder’s date. Take a look at one of the camera (you don’t need to login to see the camera’s feed). Note the date on the camera’s picture. Let’s say it’s 01-21-2021. Enter that date on the super password generator (via date format).
reset password XMeye DVR (HD iDVR)Use the generated supper password to login to you recorder. Once you do that, the password will be restored to default.

Note: If you can’t Reset password with password like above, Please power off and remove pin CMOS (on motherboard), after power on and login with User: admin, Password: NpSZOo.

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