How To IVS Record Setup Dahua

Dahua NVRs and DVRs offer a variety of recording options. You can configure recording schedules based on the following methods:

  • General
  • Motion Detection
  • Alarm Based
  • Motion Detection + Alarm
  • IVS if the feature is available depending on the model.

For this tutorial we will be setting up IVS recording. We will be using the X72A2A and DH-IPC-HDW44A1MN-I to set this up.


  • Dahua Recorder with new GUI and supportive IVS features
  • Dahua Camera with IVS rule and Smartplan enabled

Step by Step Instructions

Step One:

Creating an IVS Rule on the camera and enabling Smartplan

  • Login to the Camera’s WEBUI


  • Go to Settings>Events>IVS


  • Click on the green “+” icon to add a rule. You can also rename the rule by double clicking under “Name”. We will be adding a Tripwire in this example


  • Click on Draw Rule to start drawing

-Left-Click for starting point and Left-Click again for end point

-Right-Click to finish


  • Change the direction you want to the tripwire to go off, enable “Record” and click on save when you’re done enabling the settings.


  • Smartplan is crucial, it MUST be enabled so our IVS rules can take affect. Highlight “IVS” and save it.


Step Two:

Adding the camera to the recorder and enabling Intel recording

  • Login to the recorder and go to Camera>Registration>Manual Add


  • Type in the information it asks for and click on save when finished, we will be adding this camera to channel 7


  • Now lets go to Storage>Schedule, select the channel and click on the “Settings” tab on the right side


  • Keep “Intel” checked and copy it to all days, save it


  • Click on “Save” to finalize the changes


  • In the main menu go to “Video”


  • Select the channel with the IVS rules, you can now see the recordings of when that tripwire was tripped


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