How to Install a PoE Camera

If you want to know how to install a PoE camera, it’s not as simple as picking a place and bolting your PoE camera to the wall.

Lighting, weather, location, decoys and the purpose of the camera all play a part in the installation. Where you decide to install your PoE camera will either greatly increase your home security, or leave gaps where there shouldn’t be.

If you have invested in a PoE camera and home security system, now is the time to take the next step and setup the installation the right way so you never have to worry about security again.

We’ve put together an easy to follow guide full of insightful tips to make sure your PoE security camera installation goes smoothly, and your security system is top-notch.

How to Install A PoE Camera

There are four different ways to install a PoE Camera and choosing which is best for you will depend on the equipment you will be using.

1. PoE Camera with PoE Switch

If you are using a PoE switch, regardless if it is a managed PoE switch or an unmanaged PoE switch, the easiest way to set up the PoE camera is to simply connect it to the PoE switch which will then provide the camera with data and power.

2. PoE Camera with PoE Injector

If you do not have a PoE switch, you will need to connect a PoE injector to your camera from your switch. The PoE injector will run the data from your switch and will also be able to supply your PoE camera with power.

3. PoE Camera with PoE Hub

If you will be installing a lot of PoE cameras, it can be quite a hassle if you were to try to connect a lot of PoE injectors on the same network. Instead, it would be best to install a PoE hub. The set up is a lot simpler because you would only need to supply the PoE hub with power once and it can power several PoE cameras.

4. PoE Camera with PoE NVR and Router

If you will be installing your PoE cameras with a non-PoE compatible router you will need to install a PoE NVR (Network Video Recorder) which will be able to supply your PoE camera with both data and power.

PoE Camera Placement

Now that you know the mechanics of how to install a PoE camera, it’s time to figure out the placement. In order for your security cameras to be the most effective, there are a few particular places we recommend installing them.

  • Outdoors
  • Front Door
  • Back/Side Door
  • Garage
  • Yard
  • Indoors
  • Common Areas
  • Stairway/Hallway

Be careful when choosing your locations, there are a few places you want to make sure you do not install a PoE camera. The first would be in bedrooms or bathrooms. There is an expectation of privacy and installing cameras in these rooms can cause serious legal issues. You also need to make sure your PoE cameras are installed in a way that they only capture your own home. If a camera can see into a neighbors backyard or through their window, it absolutely has to be moved.

We know that the effectiveness of your security system is important to you. There is a lot to consider when installing a PoE camera. To help make sure you have the perfect setup for your home, we have created an easy to follow infographic. Check it out below for full details on PoE camera installation methods as well as some placement tips and tricks for both indoor and outdoor cameras.

How to Install a PoE Camera for Perfect Home Security

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