How to Connect DVR/NVR to Phone App?

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Please search Xmeye in play or apple store and it into your phone.

Here are steps to use the App Xmeye to connect the recorder. The method is for both the local view and remote view because they are totally the same.
Download and the application Xmeye to your mobile/tablet. This can be found by searching Xmeye in either the for or Play store for Android. Or you can refer to this to download the Xmeye application.

Xmeye app for android download: support.annke.com/document/XM/General/app/xmyeye.apk
Xmeye app for &iPad download: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/xmeye/id884006786?mt=8

Step 1: Tap local login


Step 2: Add device
Click plus button at the top right to add the camera.


Step 3: Input system

a. The name can be anything.
b. You can find S/N(ID) on the monitor. Please notice the S/N on the label of the is not the ID used to connect and view.
Here is a method to find the serial number.
c. The default password is none.





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