How to Connect DVR/NVR to Phone App?

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Please search Xmeye in google play or apple store and it into your phone.

Here are steps to use the App Xmeye to connect . The method is for both the local view and remote view because they are totally the same.
Download and install the application Xmeye to your /tablet. This can be found by searching Xmeye in either the App Store for or Google Play store for . Or you can refer to this to download the Xmeye application.

Xmeye app for android download: support.annke.com/document/XM/General/app/xmyeye.apk
Xmeye app for iPhone&iPad download: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/xmeye/id884006786?mt=8

Step 1: Tap local login


Step 2: Add device
Click plus button at the top right to add the .


Step 3: Input system information

a. The name can be anything.
b. You can find S/N(ID) on the monitor. Please notice the S/N on the label of the is not the ID used to connect and view.
Here is a method to find the serial number.
c. The default password is none.





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