How to add smart doorbell to Home Assistant HomeKit?

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J5 2K smart doorbell is a slim and compact design smart doorbell equipped with a 2K security . In addition to seeing the video when doorbell button is pushed, users also can integrate this doorbell to other systems such as Synology NAS and /Hikvision which support 24 hours video live view and . In this article, we introduce you how to integrate it into the popular Home Assistant, and integrate into Apple HomeKit indirectly so that you're able to access the video on you rApple devices (iPhone, , Apple TV).

It should be noted that only J5 CloudEdge version can support this feature, because the firmware supports protocol. To achieve this integration, users need to enable the ONVIF connection, as it's disabled when you firstly use this product. this product according to the instruction manual of J5, running the app and going to doorbell's settings, enable “Onvif” on page of Onvif Settings, then set a for it.

Enable ONVIF on CloudEdge
The next, logging into your Home Assistant, clicking “configuration” on the left main menu, selecting “Devices & Services”, click “+ Add Integration” icon on the right bottom, typing “ONVIF” to find the integration for smart doorbell.

Now, you're able to manually configure the smart doorbell, filling the corresponding information then click “Submit” to complete. As default, it will automatically look for compatible devices in the local . Alternatively, you're able to type the corresponding info manually. You're able to find the ONVIF information by using some tools such as ONVIF device manager, ONVIF device test tool. Here it's an example shows as below:
Name: customized name, e.g. J5 smart doorbell
Host: the local of J5 doorbell, e.g. 1492.168.0.119
Port: 8000, can not be other number
Username: admin, can not be other user
Password: onvif password when you set via CloudEdge app

Configuration of doorbell on Home Assistant
After done above, the new integration has been created. The next, you may tweak the configuration to ensure you can watch smooth live stream. Click “Configuration”, selecting “UDP” for RTSP transport mechanism, then clicking submit button to complete.

Onvif configuration
 Selecting ONVIF transport mechanism
Now the integration is ready and you're able to add the smart doorbell to your overview of Dashboard. Clicking “Edit dashboard”, clicking “+ ADD CARD” on the right bottom of page. Choosing “Picture glance”, and selecting the camera's entity.

 Create picture glance card on Dashboard
Now you're able to watch the video stream on your home assistant dashboard. Furthermore, you can add this doorbell to your Homekit hub. Go to “Configuration”, selecting “Devices & Services”, “+ ADD INTEGRATION”, typing “HomeKit”, ticking “Camera” from the list of Domains to include. Clicking “Submit” to complete, a new notification will appear, the new notification includes code and QR code for connection of Homekit hub.

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