How Do I Weather Seal a Camera?


The following article explains the steps required to correctly weather seal cameras that are exposed to moisture, as explained by manuals.

NOTE: You can find this  in our manuals by searching "Butyl".
NOTE: Cameras should only be sealed using Butyl tape, faliure to do so can result in
voiding of warranty.

Step By Step :

1. Insert it through the arrow direction. See Figure 1.
2. Connect the LAN connector (male) to the See Figure 1.
3. Connect the RJ45 modular jack (female) to the RJ45 connector (male). See Figure 1.

Note: Please, keep each of the parts separated.


Figure 1: Gasket instalation

4. Assemble by rotating the RJ45 modular jack (female) and the RJ45 protection cover clockwise (Follow the arrow). See Figure 2.
5. Assemble by rotating RJ45 protection cover and back cover clockwise (Follow the arrow). See Figure 2.
6. When the back cover is assembled, the cable  gasket is tightly attached to the cable to make it waterproof. See Figure 2.


Figure 3: Final Gasket


7. Wrap the black cable jacket (Area A, depicted in FIGURE 3 -5 below.) And the cable connection area with waterproof (butyl rubber) tape so that more than half of the butyl rubber tape is overlapped.


Figure 3: Butyl Tape


Figure 4: Proper wrapping technique


Figure 5: Example of Properly Wrapped Cables

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