Hikvision port forwarding guide

It’s important to understand how the Hikvision port forwarding works so you can have access to the IP cameras, DVR and NVR remotely from the Internet.

Port forwarding for DVR remote viewing

In this article, I explain how to configure port forwarding for a Hikvision DVR based on the ports it uses. If you want to learn more just keep reading…

Depending on the router you are using,  the menu is a little bit different and  you can find it under names such as “virtual server“, “Application and games” or “PAT“.

What is port forwarding

First you need to understand the port forwarding concept, so you can configure your Hikvision device and your router properly.  Let me guide you through this process…

Traditional Port Forwarding Method Diagram

As you can see in the picture, a request comes from the Internet and reaches the router’s external interface. Based in a table with rules, the router redirects the traffic to the DVR that is located in the internal network, is very simple, right?

The Hikvision DVR ports

Each device connected to a network and the Internet use ports for different types of services. The same is true or a Hikvision DVR as shown in the picture below.

In this example the ports configured in the DVR are 8082, 554, 8000, and 443.

Each port works with a different type of service as explained in my other article “Default ports for Hikvision”. ( I recommend you to read it to learn more).

Port forwarding configuration


Now that I know which ports I want to redirect it’s time to open the router’s menu and enter the information. Let’s take a look on how to do that…

The pictures below show the example for a Netgear C6300 router.

Log in to your router and open the Port Forwarding Menu.

Router Port Forwarding Menu

Add a rule for the ports you want to redirect and make sure you choose both protocols (TCP and UDP) and enter the DVR’s IP address.

Router port forwarding for Hikvision

Repeat the process for the other ports and save the configuration.

Port forwarding for Hikvision

As you can see, the port forwarding was done for the HTTP, RTSP and server port.

Again, it’s important to read the article “Default ports for Hikvision” to better understand what are each port used for.

Extra information

Here are some extra information to help you with Hikvision DVRs.

What ports to forward for Hikvision DVRs

Do you know what ports to forward for Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras?

Hikvision Hybrid DVR

The answer to this question varies a little bit depending on how you want to access your devices in your network. Are you using a web browser, software, or smartphone?

Anyway, here is the list of ports to forward for Hikvision devices:




HTTP Port 


Used for web browsers

Server Port 


For connection with software



For third party software



Secure web browser connection

You can enter the port number into your Internet router to forward the connection request to the camera and to send the video stream to a device on the Internet.

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