ES-Station CMS guide user manual

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Unified management for Signature IP , NVRs, NVRs, keyboards, decoding devices, and etc.

Up to 512 local channels and 512 cloud channels; up to 64 local device and 64 cloud devices; add, edit and share cloud devices.

Efficient device management: Automatic device discovery (or search by network segment); add devices by /domain name; add devices by Eclipse View; add devices and adjust the time in batch.

Diverse functions:

Live view: scene, custom layout, split screen, auxiliary screen display, corridor mode, sequence display, audio, two-way audio

: local , -triggered , scheduled ,

Playback: synchronous/asynchronous playback, instant playback, smart search, recording search by time/event, and play recordings on SD card

control: preset, preset patrol, recorded patrol, patrol plan

Alarm: Service alarm (event alarm, VCA alarm), device alarm (online/offline, etc.), alarm triggering (live view, etc.), real-time/history alarm management

People counting: statistics of people entered/left/entered and left, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report export.

E-Map: hot spot, hot zone, eagle eye, and map alarm

Video wall: live view, sequence display and playback on video wall, alarm to video wall, open window(s) by one click, auto bind decoding channel, multi-window for one decoding channel, save and scene, small pixel pitch LED, virtual LED

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