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Enable Hik-Connect 3.0 Remote Access

Enable Hik-Connect 3.0 Remote Platform Services On

What is Hik-Connect 3.0 Platform?
The Hik-Connect Platform has two different services to allow for remote access to devices.
Hik-Connect P2P Service – Peer to Peer protocol is used between devices where either device can initiate communication.
Hik-Connect DDNS Service – Allows accounts to assign unique domain names to online devices. Port forwarding is required.*
Both Hik-Connect Services require the NVR or network settings to be configured with a correct , subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server
Hik-Connect Accounts are required to use these services.
NOTE: Please see the quick start on how to set the NVR or DVR network settings. Tip:
* Minimize the number of ports opened to the Internet. Port forwarding should only be configured when absolutely necessary. Avoid common ports by changing the default device ports and / or mapping different external ports to the internal ports.

Hik-Connect P2P Service/Next Step
The NVR or DVR may require a public DNS server (instead of the IP address of the router/gateway). You can search the internet for nearby public DNS servers. Some examples of public DNS servers are:, or
The NVR or DVR must be set up properly on the local area network. Confirm that you can use IE to access the IP address of the NVR from the LAN.
In rare cases, a strong firewall may have to be programmed to allow to access the Hik-Connect.com server.
Once the device is ‘online', then the next step is to create a Hik-Connect Account

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