CMS 2000 Computer Monitoring And Installation

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Phone: Required CMS Program for HDIVS using 8000 and 80 Ports.

7/8 / 8.1 / 10 CMS 2000 INSTALLATION

CMS2000 Click to download
1. ”We open CMS 2000 program.
1.1. We click on “System Setting” and then open “MonitorManager”.


2. We click on “Search”.


3. We set “Search type” to “” on the opened screen.
3.1. We press the “Seacrh” bot and search.


4. After searching, the active DVR appear on our screen and we select the we want to actively bread.
4.1 Then we press the “Add” button and add it.
(Footnote): “” field is the login of the DVR . If there is no in your DVR recorder, leave it blank and then click the “Add” button and add it.


After adding our 5.DVR recorder, we press the “Save” button and we complete our process.


6. The DVR recorder we added can be seen in the left menu.
6.1. If you want to watch the , we click and activate.


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