Boot Failure or Rebooting DVR

Your DVR may have boot failure issue if any of the following happens:

  1. LEDs are OFF at the top or front of the DVR.
  2. LEDs are ON and Swann loading page shows but reboots after.

To isolate the issue, consider following the steps below:

DVR powerplug

  1. Check the red tag – most of the power adapter included has red sticker along the power cable. See if it has DVR/NVR on it.

  1. Check the power adapter and its output rating – check the sticker attached to it and look for output rating. Most of our DVR use 12V 2A/2000mA.
  1. Plug to a wall outlet – to eliminate possiblity of faulty extension cable or UPS.
  2. Unplug some cables – if you have an Ethernet cable or cameras already connected, disconnect them for the meantime. Only leave the power plug and monitor connected.
  3. Secure connection – ensure that the power plug is connected properly to the DVR and not loose.
  4. Turn on the DVR – some units may have power switch at the back; ensure that is switched ON.

If you are done doing these steps and the issue remains, get the camera’s power adapter and check its output rating.

  • If it is similar, use it to power the DVR.
    • If the result is the same, proceed below
  • If it isn’t, proceed below

Try to plug the adapter to a different outlet instead. Once the LEDs are ON and Swann loading page only showed once but still not getting the DVR’s Menu interface, consider reading this article:

Video Loss Troubleshooting Guide DVR NVR

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