How to update the firmware for alarm system

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This is a simple tutorial which can allow user to the firmare with the provided
programmer. The alarm system itself with connector (J12). J12 is for updating the
firmware of the alarm system.

Warning: The only can the firmware for maximum 5 times. After
5 times, the programmer’s firmware will be invalid. Before start to the firmware,
making sure read this carefully

Turn off the alarm panel ( battery should be turned off), connect the
to alarm panel.

Warning: For ensure firmly connection between the alarm panel and programmer,
you need to press the connector pin, hold the position without movement during the
programming proccess

Now plug the to USB port of computer. The programmer will start to
initialize. You will see LEDs are flashing. After LED stop flashing, the programmer is ready,
the programmer will communicate with alarm panel, and automatically firmware for
alarm system.

When updating complete, the programmer will make “Di” buzz sound

Disconnect the programmer, turn on the alarm panel, checking whether the system’s
firmware is updated or not.

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