What is the Best App for Dahua CCTV

What is the Best App for Dahua CCTV, What are the Best Mobile Apps to Use for Dahua CCTV? Dahua is one of the biggest CCTV manufacturers with lots of useful products. The best thing about Dahua cameras and security systems is you can monitor them via an app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Many apps can be used for Dahua CCTV systems, so we decided to introduce the best ones for you in this article. Here you will find all you need to know about the best app for Dahua CCTV. Also, you can read what is DMSS & how it works?


iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite:  Application for smartphone and tablet (free)

iDMSS Lite and gDMSS Lite allow you to view your cameras remotely on your iPhone or android smartphone. You can also review your recordings, take photos and videos, control your motorized PTZ cameras, etc. The application also allows you to manage several devices simultaneously (multi-site). Intrusion notifications are made by email, with the possibility of having a photo captured.

To do this, you just need to configure the software on your device. The main requirement for this app is that your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data must be enabled. This app is user-friendly. You can take screenshots of camera moments and record videos.


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 iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite provides excellent protection for your home or workplace
 It provides a user-friendly interface
 You control the camera remotely
 It uses a video IP system provided by Dahua
 Captures the moments
 You can take screenshots
 You can save
 Push alarm function available
 You can play the video whenever you want and live playback is also available
 Device connection and operation process is easy with this app
 This app will support so many languages ​​for your convenience


 You can also watch the video from the remote device
 You can save it and see a playback
 You can also view live playback
 It provides excellent protection for your home or workplace


 You need to turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi
 Sometimes you may experience network issues

What is the Best App for Dahua CCTV.


How to Install iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite

It is very easy to download and install the best app for Dahua CCTV. But gDMSS Lite is developed mainly for Android apps only. iDMSS Lite is for iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, etc.

How to install gDMSS Lite on Android mobiles:

1.Open Google Play Store on your Android mobile
2.Search for “gDMSS Lite”
3.After you find it, click to download it
4.Then click on Install and the installation starts.
5.After the installation is complete, you can connect it to the cameras and work with them.


How to install gDMSS Lite on Windows PC or Mac:

gDMSS Lite is developed primarily for Android applications only. It will not support Windows or MAC. But you can make it possible by using “BlueStacks”, which is an Android app emulator. Please follow the installation steps:

1.First, you need to install Blustacks on your PC
2.After installation, it displays a wizard to complete your main information
3.Launch gDMSS Lite and open a search for DMSS app to install
4.Just click download and then install
5.After the installation is complete, you can connect it to the cameras and work with them.


How to install iDMSS Lite on iOS devices:

1.Open AppStore on your iOS device
2.Find the iDMSS Lite app
3.Click on the install app link
4.In a few minutes, the installation completes successfully


How to use gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite?

The working process of gDMSS Lite or iDMSS Lite is the same. As the two are similar, we will now discuss how to work with gDMSS Lite.

First, you need to install the cameras in your workplace or home. Install gDMSS on your Android mobile. Follow the steps below to use it:

1.Launch the gDMSS app
2.On the home screen, camera, door, alarm…etc. are displayed
3.Simply click on the Camera tab and then on the Menu tab
4.In the menu, you need to choose “Device Manager”
5.Click on the “+” symbol to add a device
6.Select the wired device in this wizard
7.Enter the device name
8.Then you need to scan the QR code. For this, you need to press the “SN” tab
9.When you click the “SN” tap, it will provide a QR code to the scanner
10.Now you just need to scan it with your device
11.Then you need to provide the details like username and password
12.Once the process is complete, you can also watch the preview by clicking “Start Live Preview”. Now the device is added to the app and you can check how wonderfully the best app for Dahua CCTV works.


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Other Apps and Software for Dahua CCTV

1) iDMSS Plus/gDMSS Plus (Application for smartphone and tablet)

iDMSS Plus and gDMSS Plus offer you the same functionalities as the “Lite” version, but in addition, you have the possibility of accessing several parameters of your recorders (change of password, recording schedule, etc.) you can also configure different Push notifications (motion detection, hard disk problem, etc.). In this case, the intrusion notifications will be made directly via the application which will offer you to review the last moments filmed.

2) Smart PSS (Software for managing cameras and recorders)

Smart PSS is the supervision software for your cameras to be installed on your workstation. It will allow you to see your cameras in real-time, as well as to consult your video surveillance recordings. In addition, it allows you to access most of your recorder’s settings (date and time, password change, network settings, recording schedule, motion detection, etc.). So you can handle your IP surveillance kit wherever you are in the world.

3) Config Tool (Network configuration software for cameras and recorders)

In some cases, the network settings of your digital recorder are not compatible with your local network. Concretely, this prevents access to your surveillance cameras from your local and remote networks. Despite this incompatibility, the software allows you to access your recorder and modify its network parameters. And this is to make it compatible with your network environment and allow you to monitor your cameras everywhere.

4) Smart Player (Software for replaying video sequences)

When exporting a video sequence, the file format can be “.dav” type. The latter is a proprietary format created by the manufacturer of your digital recorder. In addition to the best app for Dahua CCTV, you need a specific reader/player to be able to read these files: Smart Player. If you export, with another format (asf, mp4, avi, etc.), software like VLC or Windows Media Player will suffice.


In this article, we introduced some of the best apps and software for Dahua CCTV. You can follow the instructions provided to complete the installation of the gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite application and connect it to your device. By doing this, you can get a great experience of protecting your home or workplace. After reading this article, you can easily setup gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite on Windows, Android, and iOS.


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