The Firmware Version of the DVR/NVR System for Annke Vision

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How to /`s from TV or Monitor?

The Firmware Version of the /NVR System for Vision Applies to: DT41Y/DT61Y/DT81Y/DN41R/DN61R/DN81R/DT41GB/DT81GB/DT61GB/DW41JD/DW81KD/DW61LD/DT81DP/N48PI/N44PI/N46PI/N44PAM/N48PAW/N46PCK/N88PCH/S500/S300/FC200/NCK800/H800/H500/FC800/E800

1. Please use a computer to download the firmware file. You can send an email to support@annke.com to get the download link of the new firmware file. But please tell us your system‘s model number. It is made up of numbers and letters such as N44PI. You can find it at the bottom of . It is not SN like SZ20150427.

1). If the file name is ended with.DAV, it cannot be opened by any software on the computer. Please put it to the root folder of your USB stick drive directly.
2). If the file name is ended with.ZIP, please unzip it via your computer software (such as WINRAR) at first, then copy the.DAV file to the root folder of your memory stick.

3). The USB stick drive must be FAT32 format.


2. Copy the file to an USB stick drive.

3. Connect the memory stick to the USB port of NVR or DVR.

4. Go to Menu—Maintenance—System—. Check if it can find the firmware file in a memory stick.

select the file and click upgrade.


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Before updating, please read this note carefully.

Honestly, if your NVR/ DVR works well, we do not suggest updating the firmware since there is a risk that some functions will mess up after the upgrade sometimes.

For the upgrade procedures, please refer to https://help.annke.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000249442.

Model Build Date Download Link
DT41Y/DT61Y/DT81Y 20160714 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DT41Y/20160714/digicap.dav
20170103 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DT41Y/20170103/digicap.dav
DN41R 20161031 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN41R/20161031/digicap.dav
20171122 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN41R/20171122/digicap.dav
20190401 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN41R/20190401/digicap.dav
20190505 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN41R/201905/digicap.dav
DN61R/DN81R 20160720 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20160720/digicap.dav
20160929 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20160929/digicap.dav
20161031 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20161031/digicap.dav
20171122 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN61R/digicap.dav
20181121 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20181121/digicap.dav
20190401 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20190401/digicap.dav
20190505 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DN81R/20190505/digicap.dav
DT41GB/DT81GB/DT61GB 20170103 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DT41GB/20170103/digicap.dav
20171207 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DT41GB/20171207/digicap.dav
DW81KD 20190330 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DW81KD/digicap.dav
DT81DP 20190301 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/DT81DP/digicap.dav
N48PI/N44PI/N46PI 20160719 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N44PI/20160719/digicap.dav
20160831 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N44PI/20160831/digicap.dav
20170116 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N44PI/20170116/digicap.dav
20171212 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N44PI/20171212/digicap.dav
20180110 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N44PI/20180110/digicap.dav
N441Y/N481Y 20180211 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N441Y/20180211/DZ_ML_NEU_V3.0.17_180211.zip
20161201 http://support.annke.com/document/firmware/N441Y/20161201/digicap.dav


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