Swann NVR Troubleshooting

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Video Loss Troubleshooting for NVRs (basic connections) 

This is a basic setup guide that you need to double-check if in case your cameras are not showing any images. This guide will show you a bit more detailed version of your Hardware QSG that came with your unit. You might see Video LossNo Link, or No Video on your screen and if that is the case, then we need to check their connections first.


What error message do you see on the screen?

We need to identify first the error message that your screen shows.

 If you see No SignalVideo Mode Not Supported, or Signal Out of Range, check this article to help you out: Video Mode Not Supported or Signal Out of Range or No Signal
 If you can access the Menu interface of your recorder, but you see No Video, Video Loss, or No Link, it is just your cameras that are not showing images. Read the rest of the article to learn how to fix it.

https://support.swann.com/hc/article_attachments/19003869482393 (from NVR-8000)

https://support.swann.com/hc/article_attachments/19003871035033 (from NVR-8580)


Here is an overview of the things we need to check:


Connect the cables

Camera to Ethernet cable

Grab the Ethernet connector from the NHD camera and then grab the camera cable (Ethernet/network camera cable) that came with the kit. Connect these two together. You should hear a clicking noise when you connect them together. 

NVR 7300/7400


NVR 8580xx/8780xx series


Ethernet cable to the PoE ports

Grab the other end of the Ethernet cable and connect it to the back of your NVR system. Only connect this cable to the Ethernet port that has a number and is in a group with other Ethernet ports.  See the sample clip below.



If the NVR camera PoE port has LEDs, like the NVR 7300/7400 above, they should light up once a connection has been made.

For the NVR 8580xx/8780xx series, go to the Main Menu screen and select Display. Under the IP channels tab, there is an IP camera table that will show you the cameras that are connected to the system. Under the State column, the green Play icon indicates that the camera is working fine. 


If there is no video feed from the NHD camera, do the following:

 Plug the Ethernet camera cable to another port.
 Use a different Ethernet cable.
 Use another camera.

This will help in identifying which one is causing the problem. NVR cameras can take up to 30 secs to boot up and display on the screen, you may need a little patience.

You are all set! Images captured by your cameras should now display on your screen. If in case it didn’t you might want to reboot your NVR and give it a minute or two until the image shows up. 


Swann NVR Troubleshooting

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NVW-800: How to remove the front panel for HDD installation

These instructions are for you to be able to replace or upgrade your hard drive DIY.

Note: The maximum capacity supported internally is 2TB and size of the internal hard drive is 2.5 inches. See this link for compatible types of hard drive: What hard drives can I use with my DVR or NVR?


 Check your warranty before disassembling the NVW. Opening your recorder may void the warranty.
 Static discharge can ruin hardware equipment. Always touch something metal or wear static wrist straps when handling hardware.
 Do not try to forcibly remove anything from the inside.


1.Turn off the NVW and unplug it from power.
2.Unscrew the front panel that has the Swann logo.
nvw hdd install 1.png
3.Slide the front panel down, then lift.
4.Disconnect the cables from the hard drive. 
nvw hdd install 2.png
5.Remove the screws from the hard drive and remove the hard drive.
6.Place the new hard drive and secure the screws.
7.Place the front panel back in the opposite manner to step 3.
8.Secure the front panel with the screws you removed in step 2.

Setup Email Alerts on V8 NVW recorders

Setup email information

Using the mouse connected to the recorder, right-click then select the first icon located at the lower left.


1.Go to NETWORK > Email Configuration.
2.Decide on what email address you will use for the Sender.
3.Depending on the Sender, put the rest of the information needed for the setup.
 Email: should be Enable / checked
 Setup: choose Manual
 Encryption: choose Auto
 SMTP Port: (check with your email provider)
 SMTP Server: (check with your email provider)
 Username: Sender’s email address
 Password: Sender’s password
 Sender: (any name)
 Receiver 1: (any email that will receive the alert)
 Receiver 2: (any email that will receive the alert)
 Receiver 3: (any email that will receive the alert)
 Interval: (1, 3, 5, or 10min)
4.Click on Apply once you are done.
5.Click Test Email and see if it will say ‘Test Succeeded’.
 If it failed, double check with your Email provider if you have the right Encryption type, SMTP Port, and SMTP Server. Check as well if you have the correct email address and password by logging in using a phone or computer


Enabling Send Email per channel

Since setting up the email to the recorder is complete and test email was successful, we now need to enable the feature to the channels we want to receive alerts from.

1.Go to ALARM > Detection.
2.Choose the Channel that you want to configure.
3.Make sure to tick the checkbox for Send Email.
4.Click Apply once done. Repeat the steps where you want to receive emails from.

Check Motion Settings

1.Still under ALARM > Detection, ensure that Mode is on PIR and Motion / PIR and Person
2.Set the sensitivity to your liking. Remember that the higher number will make it more sensitive and lower number will make it less sensitive.
3.Click Setup beside Area and make sure to cover the areas with red boxes that you want to receive alerts from. Right-click to go back.
4.Click on Apply once you are done.

Why is there no sound or audio playing (NVR)? 

This article applies to audio sounds from recordings in playback or live stream for NVR. Your NVR will record audio using the camera’s built-in microphone. 

The following are common reasons why audio cannot be heard via the TV nor the Swann Security app as follows to help you troubleshoot and possibly resolve the issue.

1. The audio settings have not been enabled yet in the Main Menu via TV.

1.Go to Main Menu > Record (left side) > Mainstream (tab) to see this setting.
v8 nvr audio checkbox.png
2.Check each box under Audio to enable. (You can uncheck to disable)
3.Click on Apply at the bottom to save the settings.
4.Repeat the same steps for Substream and Mobilestream tabs.
v8 nvr record mainstream.png
To see the Audio checkboxes under Mobilestream, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the Main Menu and scroll to the right.

2. You are using a VGA connection for the monitor instead of HDMI (for audio via TV/monitor)

VGA, or Video Graphics Array, is primarily used for transmitting video signals, but it doesn’t natively carry sound. If you’re using a VGA cable to connect your recorder to a monitor, you’ll need a separate audio cable for the AUDIO OUT port to transmit sound to a third-party speaker via RCA cable.

v8 nvr audio panel.png

However, if you have a TV with an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI cable to transmit both audio and video.

3. The audio volume setting on the DVR’s display (via TV) is low or on mute.

1.Right-click the mouse on the live view screen of the DVR to see the taskbar at the bottom.
v8 task bar audio icon.png
The icon in this screenshot means audio is enabled.
2.Clicking on it will mute the audio or let you see the setting to lower or increase the volume for liveview or playback.

4. The exported clips may not be compatible with your computer software for playback.

Recordings that are exported via USB flashdrive for playback in a computer are in AVI (for Windows) or MP4 (for MacOS) file format. If your computer’s default video player software plays no audio, you can try using a third-party software that can support various file formats, such as VLC media player.

5. Swann Security app is not updated (for audio via Swann Security app)

1.Check this link first to know what app version you have: How to get the Swann Security App version and your phone’s operating system version numbers 
2.Check App Store or PlayStore for the most recent app version.
3.If the app is not updating in your phone, uninstall the app first. Then re-download and install the app.

6.  Volume of your mobile device may be off or muted (for audio via Swann Security app)

Ensure that all audio is not muted and that adequate volume levels are selected. You may check your mobile device’s user manual on how to check and configure the volume of your device. 

For instance,

 In iOS devices, if the sound and vibration settings on the iPhone are in silent mode instead of ringing mode, the audio will be off.
 Android devices may have more than one audio setting. The musical note icon is visible and enabled using the volume buttons, but the speaker icon may be in mute upon checking. 

android volume mute.png

7. Audio from the Swann Security app’s live view will not play by default.

If you are streaming multiple cameras in Live View, audio will not play.

1.From Live View, go to a single camera.
2.Tap on the speaker icon to mute first.
3.Then tap the speaker icon again to unmute in order to hear audio.

8. The firmware of the NVR or camera may not be updated.

Go to this link: How do I know if my unit’s firmware has an update (Swann Security app models)

Enable push notification on V8 NVW recorders

Enable Push Notification of the recorder

1.Go to Menu then Alarm > Detection.
2.Choose the Channel that you want to configure.
3.Make sure Mode is set to PIR and Motion / PIR and Person.
4.Tick the box (check) beside Push to receive notifications.
5.Click Apply if you made any changes.

Enable Push Notification of Swann Security app

1.Login to your Swann Security account where your recorder is paired.
2.Select Notifications at the bottom left (1st image) then go to Notifications tab (2nd image) and make sure Do Not Disturb is OFF.



3.Go to Modes then tap the pen icon to edit. Tick the box (check) on each channel where you want notifications to be received



NOTE: Check your phone’s notification settings if you are still not able to receive any after all the settings you have enabled.

Setup Cloud storage to V8 NVW recorders

Swann’s V8 recorders now has the feature to save images or recordings through Cloud which might be more accessible to you without being on the unit itself. This can serve as another way to get notified when there’s a movement detected on one of your cameras.

Couple of things to prepare:

1.Make sure to have a Dropbox account ready. If you don’t have one, visit Dropbox and register first.
2.Then make sure your recorder is connected to the internet. Not having this will obviously not send the recordings on the Cloud or even give you access online.


1.On Swann Security app, go to Menu > Dropbox.
2.Choose your recorder that you want to setup.
3.It will open Dropbox app or Dropbox website will open (depends on what you have) – make sure you are logged in to the Dropbox account where pictures or videos will be saved.
4.Allow – choose this to allow Swann Security to gain access on Dropbox.
5.COMPLETE! – it will go back to the Swann Security app once you chose Allow. Tap again the recorder and this message (image at the right) should appear.

In case it repeats step 3, just cancel it or go back, then you’ll see this message (image at the right).


Enable Cloud Notification


1.Go to Menu > Alarm > Detection
2.Choose the Channel that you want to configure.
3.Enable (tick the box) Picture to Cloud or Video to Cloud.

…and you’re DONE! Now every time the recorder detects movement, it will then send it to your Dropbox.

Be aware of the following:

 Default Dropbox storage has limited storage space
 Not all channels can be selected to upload video
 Uploads to Dropbox consume upload data, be aware of potential additional charges when using an internet connection with caps/data usage charges
 Consider using the Overwrite option to select a timeframe that the Cloud storage uses, to keep the storage from filling up. Note that if the storage fills up before the Overwrite deadline, that it will operate the same as Auto
 Be aware that a desktop PC with the Dropbox software installed may download any recordings to the Dropbox folder on that PC

Video Loss TSG for AllSecure650 and AllSecure600 – (NVW-650 and NVW-800 system)


This guide is to troubleshoot camera Video Loss issues if it is happening directly from the NVW-650 or NVW-800 system with a TV or monitor plugged into it.

 Showing Video Loss on the TV or monitor on one or all channels, but can see the taskbar and able to access the Main menu


If there is no video or live feed showing on the Swann Security app, but works fine from the TV or monitor, then troubleshoot the app or the mobile device. go to this TSG HERE.

If there is no video from the recorder, just a black screen, NOT seeing the Swann logo during boot up, NOT seeing the mouse cursor or the taskbar to access the Menu screen, then go to this TSG HERE.



 The customer must be onsite for troubleshooting
 NVW-650 or NVW-800 must be connected to a TV or monitor
 Bring at least one of the affected NVW-600CMB cameras indoors and place it next or close to the NVW-650 recorder for troubleshooting purposes. OPTIONAL: If you can have all the non-working 600CMB cameras inside or indoors, that is better.


Let’s start troubleshooting

1. Power cycle (turn it off and on again) the NVW-650 unit and the NVW-600CMB cameras

 To power cycle the NVW-650 recorder, unplug the 12v power adapter and the battery. After 30 seconds, plug the power back and the battery
 To power cycle the 600CMB cameras, unplug the battery. after 30 seconds, plug the battery back in

2. Check if the 600CMB battery is charged

 If there are 2 or more 600CMB cameras that have issues, then test one camera at a time
 Swap batteries with a known working 600CMB camera or with the NVW-650
 Charge one battery to full and test it with the 600CMB camera



The battery LED will show RED if its charging.



The battery LED will show GREEN if its fully charged.


For customers who bought the NVW-800 (AllSecure600), use the supplied USB cable and charge the battery using a mobile phone/cellphone charger.


3. Pair (re-pair) the 600CMB cameras to the NVW-650 main unit

NOTE: brand new and out-of-the-box, these 600CMB cameras should already be paired to the NVW-650.

 Pairing instructions can also be found on the NVW-600CMB QSG, not on the NVW-650 manual
 On the Live View screen, click a channel to pair the camera to and then click the camera PAIR icon to start the pairing process



 On the 600CMB camera, press and hold down the PAIR button and wait until the IR LED is flashing fast. Then, release the button and the IR LED will flash slowly. This will indicate that the 600CMB camera is in pairing mode. 
 This will now pair with the main NVW-650 unit. This may take several seconds for the pairing process to complete.
 If nothing happens after a few minutes, repeat the pairing process.


See video



4. If the 600CMB cameras are still not showing any live feed on the TV or monitor, do a FULL factory reset on the NVW-650.

Go to Main Menu > Advanced > Maintain and click the Load Default button. Click All and then Save.

After the reset is complete, do the pairing process again.



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