How to Setup the Paramont DVR NVR

How to Setup the Paramont DVR NVR, InVid Tech’s warehouse is fully stocked with products to meet the needs of our customers. InVid Tech offers many IP & HD Analog product options to cover a wide variety of installation options. Several camera and recording options are available while also providing mobile & solar surveillance, security lighting, monitors, body/covert cameras, power supplies, and more. Additionally, InVid Tech offers many specialty options, including Thermal Body Temperature Systems & Facial Recognition Systems. 

How to Setup the Paramont P2P with a QR Code

With P2P QR connection there is no need to set any ports, worry whether or not your uPnP is enabled within your router, do any port forwarding within your router or setup a DDNS name.

Log into your NVR’s menu (default: admin/123456)

Click on the start button in bottom left hand corner (circle w/ four squares in it), choose Settings then Network

Under TCP/IP make sure “Obtain IPv4 Address Automatically” and “Obtain DNS Automatically are checked off

image1 680w303h

Under the NAT menu, check off the “Enable” box


Download the Paramont CMS mobile app to now scan

Not connected? Here are some things to check

 Make sure the physical connection between NVR and switch/router is made, and the cable is good (see if you’re getting the green/amber link light on LAN port)
 Sometimes the DHCP will show as “Failed”, try rebooting your modem/router and DVR/NVR to see if it comes back as “Succeed”. If not, see the next bullet
 DHCP may be turned Off within your router, you may need to disable in DVR/NVR and manually input your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and your DNS Servers

image3 680w135h

 Sometimes though DHCP is “Succeed” the DNS is pulling the router IP, which will cause the device not to connect. You can disable the “Obtain DNS Automatically” and enter in Google’s addresses ( &
 Can you connect to the device via the LAN IP, whether it’s the DHCP address or the address you manually gave it (because DHCP was disabled) via the Internet Explorer to ensure it has network connectivity
 Was the NAT definitely “enable” and saved, check back (Start Button/Settings/Network/NAT)
 If all else fails, you can always reach out to the InVid Tech technical Support Team

Viewing your Paramont Device Online or from Mobile App

Viewing from your Web Browser (Internet Explorer):

 Go to

image4 1

Login using QR number, which can be found in your mobile app (once scanned), the NAT menu or the Information Menu (first button to the left of your date/time). Then the DVR/NVRs user name and password (by default: admin/123456)

image5 680w365h

• You may be prompted to download or Allow the plugin, in some cases you may need to “Refresh” or re-start the browser.

Viewing from your InVid Vision mobile app:

 Open your mobile app and hit the menu button (little man icon) in the top left hand corner
 Choose “Server List”
 Hit the Plus Sign ( + ) in the top right hand corner
 Hit the Square icon with the horizontal line across it in the “Add Device” menu (to right of IP/DDNS/SN) and scan your QR code
 Once scanned, put in your Password and hit Save

image6 680w197h

How can I access my Paramont cameras from my computer?

Currently ActiveX is only supported by the Internet Explorer Browser so open Internet Explorer and go here  or install the CMS software for your device at our website, located here.

How do I get my Paramont Device online using P2P?

 Plug in your Ethernet cable from your router into your LAN port on you DVR/NVR
 Go to Settings, Click on Network, Insure you have“obtain IPv4 Address automatically”checked, We recommend getting rid of the checkmark for“Obtain DNS Automatically”and placing in the Primary box, and in the secondary box Click Apply to save.
 Click on NAT which will be on a tab right above the screen you are on, check off the enable box and hit apply to save.
 You will then open the Paramont CMS APP on your phone, go to Server List, click the plus sign in the top right, then click on the QR scanning Icon(box with horizontal line threw it)then scan the QR code on the NAT screen from your DVR/NVR.
 Enter the password for your DVR at the bottom of your phone screen and click save/preview. This will kick you back to the Server List menu, wait for the WiFi icon to turn green, which means your device has officially connected and then hit the Play Button, this will bring you to your Live View window where you will see your cameras displayed.
 Or you can download our P2P Quick Setup guide on our website here.

What is the default login info for the Paramont DVRs/NVRs?

The default username is admin, and the password is 123456

How do I log into my Paramont DVR/NVR?

Click the circle with the four squares icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen this is your start button, and click login.

How to Reset the Password for the Paramont NVR

Learn how to reset the password for the Paramont NVR.

 Reboot the NVR/DVR so the start time is current date.
 Click the Retrieve Password button in the lower left corner.


 Click Dynamic Password across the top

image2 1

 Write down or take a picture of the Device Model, MAC Address and Current Time


 Next contact Customer Support with this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT shut the Retrieve Password window above until you have entered your new Dynamic Password. Doing so will change the time, which will change the Dynamic Password, the entire process will have to start over if closed prior to receiving the password.

Is it possible to reset a password for a Paramont DVR/NVR?

Yes, please contact our Tech Support hotline (631-388-5700) when you are in front of the DVR/NVR as it MUST be done locally at the machine through our tech support. The information you will need can be found here

How to view Paramont DVR/NVR on Mac?

The current work-around is to install the appropriate CMS software which will allow you to watch live and playback your device(s). You can download the CMS softwares off our website here.

How to Install the MAC Plugin

Step-by-step instructions for installing the MAC plugin for Paramont. Directions are intended for the Paramont series but the general concept can be followed with any series.

When installing the MAC Plugin you may encounter an error. “WebVideoPlugin_(version,etc).pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. (Message will be different based on series/version plugin that is installed)

image1 1

image2 2

Simply open up System Preferences & Select Security & Privacy. 

image3 1

Select “Open Anyway” under Allow apps downloaded from: *Depending on your settings you may need to put in your password and/or select the lock in the bottom left corner.


Once you have completed these steps your installation should start immediately. If not simply try opening the file again from “downloads” or wherever you have saved the file.

If you are having trouble viewing the cameras after you have updated to Mac OS High Sierra then go to Safari/Preferences/Websites/Plug-Ins on your left. Look for “Netscape NVMS9000 Plug-in” and “Netscape WebClient_v2 Plug-in”. Toggle the option under configure websites to “On”. Now force quit Safari then reopen and revisit the website. And it should now work. If you are still having issues please call Tech Support.

image5 680w533h

image6 680w532h

How to add NVR/DVR to phone/tablet?

Below is a video showing how with the Paramont CMS you can use the interface to add an NVR/DVR to your Phone/Tablet.

What are the system requirements for running Paramount CMS?

Paramont CMS PC Specifications

Paramont CMS (Central Management System) pulls multiple streams of video into one platform. Streaming video can cause a strain on low-performance computers. The resources your computer uses will depend on how many channels of video you stream. If you buy a computer that does not have enough power, the CMS will not run properly and freeze. The type of computer that will run best for the CMS is a computer designed for gaming. Below are some starting point components. Greater power will equal greater performance of the CMS.

Suggested Components Starting Point

 Intel Core i7-7700K or higher
 Motherboard designed for gaming
 16GB Memory
 250GB SSD or higher + a large capacity Hard drive such as a 2TB
 Video Card with 16GB Additional Memory
 A power supply that can handle these components in your computer

How to Upgrade Your Paramont DVR or NVR

Upgrading Instructions Valid to V1.2.9, Learn how to upgrade the firmware in your Paramont DVR or NVR

The Paramont upgrade process must be performed at the DVR/NVR itself, it cannot be done from the web. Please follow the steps below to successfully upgrade your DVR/NVR.

 Please contact tech support for firmware
 Once the files are downloaded, copy and paste all files to a USB. When pasting the files to the USB they should NOT be in a folder.

image1 680w195h

 The USB you use does not have to be empty but any files on the USB MUST be contained in a folder. If the files are not in a folder the DVR/NVR may try to install one of those files.
 Power down the DVR/NVR
 Plug in the USB stick to the front panel USB of the DVR/NVR
 Power On the DVR/NVR, and wait around 2-4 minutes for the flash to upgrade
 DVR/NVR will boot up and check to make sure it took firmware.

How can I access my Paramont cameras from my computer?

Currently ActiveX is only supported by the Internet Explorer Browser so open Internet Explorer and go here  or install the CMS software for your device at our website, located here.

Saving data on the PAR-P2TEMPTABLET 

        Saving data on the PAR-P2TEMPTABLET & the type of encryption used

The tablet will not save any information while there is no SD card within the device. As an added security benefit, the SD Card slot is behind a security screw protected plate, and the SD card must be formatted within the tablet to store information. There is an internal 16GB EMMC card, but that is for the facial database only, nothing else can be saved to that card. As long as the tablet is standalone and not connected to an NVR or CMS, nothing else could or would be saved.

If in use, any info saved to the SD cards is encrypted and cannot be viewed on a PC unless using the required software. The encryption uses a CRC8 encryption algorithm.

What languages are offered on PAR-P2TEMPTABLET?


What is the RTSP stream for Paramont NVR/DVR?


Mainstream: rtsp://

Sub-stream: rtsp://

Is there a manual for Paramont Series Products?

Yes, you can find it on our website, here

How to turn on push notifications for motion in Paramont CMS App?

Open your app, hit the three lines in the top left hand corner to open the menu, go to“push setting”, click on the corresponding device,turn on “device notification function”.click on the motion tab and put an orange check mark next to whichever cameras you would like motion notifications from.

How to enable push notifications for my phone & not all?

Open your app, hit the three lines in the top left hand corner to open the menu, go to “push setting”, click on the corresponding device, and turn off “Message Subscription” for the phones you DO NOT want to get notifications on.

Trying to view my Paramont DVR/NVR on Internet Explorer

Please ensure you are in fact using Internet Explorer and not Edge. 

The two have similar icons, Edge is a darker blue lower case “e” whereas Internet Explorer is a lighter blue lower case “e” with a yellow ring going over the top left of the “e”. 

Also note that on Windows 10, Edge is the default browser, Internet Explorer isn’t on the task bar or the desktop, but you can use Cortona and search “Internet Explorer” to launch.

Why cant i use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari to view my device(s)?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari took away a plugin that was used for ActiveX plugins. This has affected anyone that uses an ActiveX plugin for their devices, not just InVid Tech.

Can I set up multiple user accounts on Paramont DVR/NVRs?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings, click on Account and Authority, click the plus sign (+)in the top right of the screen to add a new user (email address isn’t required). The difference between admin/Advanced/Common are the “Group Advanced Permissions”. 

Once created click on “Edit Permission Group” across the top, choose the group on the right hand side and hit the Pencil icon to edit. 

You can then enable (check mark) or disable (no check mark) your permissions, below that you can set your Local and Remote permissions for each camera as well.

How do I turn On/Off motion function on my Paramont DVR/NVR?

Go to Settings, click on Camera, click on Motion on the left. You can toggle motionOn and Off for specific cameras from within this screen, draw a motion grid over the live image for what you would like motion captured in your shot (area with green grid indicates motion activated area) and set the sensitivity you see fit for that Field of View.

How can I adjust my max bitrates on my Paramont Series DVR/NVR?

Go to Settings, click on Record, click on Encode Parameters on the left (for Main Stream), and Stream Settings on the left (for Sub Stream). Under Encoding Parameters you can cycle between “Event Recording Settings” (motion) and “Schedule Recording Settings” (constant).

How do I set a manual recording schedule?

In the Paramont DVR/NVR menu; go to settings, click record, under mode switch to manual, then on the left click on record schedule, and set your manual record schedule accordingly from there. 

Sensor Record column is for hardwire Alarm Inputs, Motion Record column is for Motion only, Analytics Record column is for recording only based off Analytics (if supported) and Time Record column is for Continuous record.

Do I need to port forward this device? Paramont

If you’re using the P2P, which is explained in this help article, no port forwarding is required, if you are networking this device to be seen remotely via a WAN IP or DDNS, yes port forwarding is required.

How do I get to settings on my Paramont Series DVR/NVR?

Click on the start button, hit “settings” and it will bring you to the menu structure from there. If settings is grayed out, please login first (if you are not sure how to login view instructions here).

Why are there no icons at the bottom on live view of DVR/NVR?

It is likely you are in full screen mode, bring the mouse down to the bottom of the screen and click the first icon to the right of the start button (box with 4-arrows pointing outward) this will exit you out of full screen mode.

How to change how many cameras I see at one time?

When viewing your cameras at the bottom of the screen you will see an option to change the view of your cameras I.E. Single view, Quad View, Nine camera View, etc. If you don’t see the task bar, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen.

Why did my Paramont DVR/NVR suddenly go offline?

If you are connected to your ISP’s router (Internet Service Provider) it is possible your ISP recently performed an update to your router which can occasionally change your network environment and require a reboot of your router/recorder (Router first then recorder). It is highly recommended that with this device to install your own router to run the recorder to avoid this from happening.

How do I setup specific alarms for my Paramont DVR/NVR?

Click on settings, click on alarm, from there you can turn on and off specific alarms for your device.

How to set Paramont DVR/NVR to record (I.E. Motion, 24×7)?

Open the start menu on the DVR/NVR (Circle with the four squares in the bottom left), click settings, click record, from there select from your options with either the designated schedule options available to you, or switch to a manual option to create your own schedule.

Why are push notifications on for all the phones?

Currently it does turn on the device notification for all devices added however on a phone that you don’t want push messages sent to just simply disable the message description tab from within the push setting menu.

How to Add a Paramont DVR or NVR to Another Paramont NVR

Learn how you can view additional DVRs or NVRs from a Paramont NVR

image1 680w383h

 Click the start button down in the bottom left select “Settings
 If Settings is not highlighted you have to login first (default, admin/123456)

image2 680w382h

 Now under “Camera” select “Add Camera

image3 680w383h

 Select “Add Recorder”, you will see a list of recorders that are on the Local network listed below. If the recorder is on the same Local Network, highlight and hit “Add”. Put in devices User Name and Password, select cameras you want to add from device and hit “OK”.
 If the Recorder is not on the Local network, select “Manual Add” at the bottom. When adding the device, you can either put in the WAN IP of your device (would need to be a static WAN IP) or choose “Domain Name” and enter in the name you have setup in your device. Port Forwarding would need to be done if adding the device through the WAN or DDNS name, enter in your Server and HTTP ports then your User Name and Password. Select cameras you want to add from device and hit “OK”.

image4 680w383h

 The cameras will populate under the camera list and show you as online.

How to Setup Paramont Email Notification

Learn how to setup email notification on your Paramont machine

Step 1: Setting up a GMAIL account.

Go to My Account setting page, click on the square and click my account.

image1 680w364h

Click Signing in to Google.

image2 680w359h

Turn On, Allow all less secure apps, at the bottom of the page.

image3 680w359h

Step 2 – Setting DVR/NVR Configurations

Setting Up Email Notifications on DVR/NVR 

Go to Settings/Network/Email. Follow the picture below, just change the email address to your own, must be a Gmail account. “Email Address” and “Username” must be the same, i.e. “”. The Receivers email addresses can be anything you would like.

image4 680w409h

Adding Recipients 

Hit Edit Recipient or go to Alarm and click Event Notification/Email, enter in Email Address, click the Add button and hit Apply when done to save.

image5 680w253h

Enabling Motion Detection

Go to Settings/Camera/Motion Settings on the left and make sure camera “X” is enabled. Make sure the grid is over the field of view where you want the motion to be detected. Set the sensitivity at least to the middle setting. The setting all the way to the left is OFF. Then click apply to save.

image6 680w302h

Linking Email Too Motion.

Go to Settings/Alarm/Motion Alarm on the left, Select Camera and turn Email notification to ON.

image7 680w158h

You are now ready to receive email notifications.

How do I format my hard drive? Paramont Series

Go to settings, click on disk, click on format on the hard drive you would like to format. **Keep in mind this will erase any existing footage**

How to use IPM-KEYBOARDNET to control PTZ using PTZ Mode


1.Network Keyboard
2.A IP PTZ Camera


1.Find IP Address of PTZ camera (will not be discussed in this manual)
2.Configure keyboard settings to make it connected to camera

How to configure keyboard:

 Input password to boot (default password is 8888) ->  Press the “Setting” button on upper left corner ->  Mode Setup -> PTZ Mode

Change keyboard to PTZ mode


screen shot 2021 01 18 at 9 07 688w144h

 System Setup ->Network Setup -> Local IP Setup -> IP Address

Change the local IP address according to your network configuration

(Remember to change Default Gateway accordingly)

screen shot 2021 01 18 at 9 09 688w136h

 Network Setup -> PTZ IP Setup -> Choose PTZ -> IP Address/Name/Password -> Test

Choose the PTZ you want to control (you can store up to 256 PTZs information to keyboard), enter the IP address, username and password of camera separately to IP AddressName and Password in keyboard.

If the connection is success, it will show “On line”, which means the keyboard is successfully connected to camera. Then the keyboard will be able to control PTZ camera.

screen shot 2021 01 18 at 9 10 688w282h



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