Important Notes:

  • Please note if this is an obsolete camera or is out of warranty, you are updating at your own risk. If the camera fails during the firmware update, we will not be able to repair the camera.
  • Firmware Loader is a legacy application. This application will apply any *.txt or *.mb file to the camera, even if the *.txt or *.mb file is for a different camera model. Care should be used when selecting the firmware to be applied. If the camera cannot be discovered by Firmware Loader it is further confirmation that you have a failed camera.
  • Firmware Loader is for firmware version 65191 and lower.
  • If the firmware on the camera is version 65192 or higher, a different tool, AV IP Utility is recommended.
  • When a firmware update is applied, any password set on the camera will be erased. The password must be re-entered in the camera web ui.
  • Directly connect to the camera with a PoE injector for the best results.
  • Disconnect any devices streaming from the camera before any firmware or hardware update (i.e. remove it from the NVR, close web pages to it).
  • Disable any firewall or security software on the workstation.
  • Disable any wireless adapters.
  • Confirm the devices used are in the same IP scheme.


  1. Download and extract Firmware Loader to your computer. The file is attached at the end of this article.
  2. Right-click Firmware Loader and select Run As Administrator if the option is available.
  3. Set the timeout to 1000 ms.
  4. Click Find Cameras – This creates a firewall exception for the tool as well.
    • If the camera is not found, manually enter the IP address of the camera and click Find Cameras.
  5. Select a camera then click Upgrade Firmware.
  6. Locate the firmware and select Open.
  7. Wait for the firmware update to complete. Perform a continuous ping to the camera to see when it comes back up.