Swann DVR/NVR password reset

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Here we will show how to  Swann recorders. This method works for these models: 4-1590, DVR8-1590, DVR16-1590; DVR4-1600, , DVR16-1600; DVR4-4480, DVR8-4480, DVR16-4480; DVR4-4480V, DVR8-4480V, DVR16-4480V; DVR4-4575, DVR8-4575, DVR16-4575; DVR4-4580V, DVR8-4580V, DVR16-4580V; DVR4-4780, DVR8-4780, DVR16-4780; DVR4-4780V, DVR8-4780V, DVR16-4780V; DVR4-4980, DVR8-4980, DVR16-4980; DVR4-5580, DVR8-5580, DVR16-5580; and NVR-7450, NVR-8580.

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Acquiring the reset code

The reset code on new is acquired primarily by using the relevant client software on a PC or Mac computers. The code itself is a unique 12 character string that is generated by the unique hardware identifier of the network interface of the device, known as the MAC address.

To find your recorder’s reset code, connect the recorder to your router (if you have not yet done so) and install and run the software on your computer.

The first step is to the necessary software to your PC. Use these links to download the HomeSave View software: HomeSafe View for Windows or HomeSafe View for Mac.

The first time you run HomeSafe View, you will see the screen below.

Click on Next. A new window will show up. Click on Add online device located at the upper left.

Once your DVR (or NVR) shows on the list, click it once to see the MAC Address at the right side.
Copy down any MAC address starting with the characters ’00-23-63′ or ‘BC-51-FE’ first, then any others. Replace the dashes (-) with colons (:).

Entering the reset code

Now you should use what you wrote down in the previous step to initiate a password reset on the recorder. On the Login interface, click Forgot Password.

The reset code needs to be entered after clicking Forgot Password. Enter it in the Super Password field. Letters are in UPPERCASE with the colons (e.g BC:51:FE:11:22:33).

If the window you see looks similar to the image below, you are in the wizard mode. The reset code cannot be entered in this area. Make sure to create your new password and click Next. You can cancel the rest of the Setup Wizard if you want. (Cancel the wizard then open the right-click menu and select Main Menu “home button” to the login window).
Once you enter in the “admin” username and reset code, the recorder will reboot. That indicates that the reset is successful and you will be presented with the window to enter a starting password after the recorder has finished rebooting. Note: You will need to re-enter a new password every time you reset the password. The reset code cannot be used to login to the recorder nor can it be used for remote access. If this method doesn’t work in your case, try to reset the password using the Device Config Tool method (explained below)

Swann password reset using Device Config Tool

Before you start the reset procedure, make sure that the following criteria are met: your recorder is connected to the modem/router; a monitor and mouse must be connected to the recorder; a Windows computer/laptop connected to the same network as the recorder. Once you have everything in place, please follow the instructions below.

Getting the reset code

Download and install Device Config Tool software. Open up the software and you should see your device on the list. If not, click on Search to scan your network.
Take note of the MAC address. If you can’t see it, scroll to the right. This number will be used later on as a reset code.

Resetting the password

Go to the login screen on the recorder. Click on Forgot Password. Enter the MAC address that you took and replace ” – ” with ” : “. It should look like this – BC:51:FE:11:22:33.
Click on OK once done. After that, you then need to set your new password. Follow the wizard and create a new password. The machine will reboot and you’ll be able to use the newly created credentials to login into your Swann recorder. If this method didn’t work for you, try the rest of the methods (links) shown at start of this article.

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