p6spro NVR/DVR Password Recovery Instructions

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NVR/ Recovery Instructions

To make it easier to serve our customers, we upgraded the NVR/ method of retrieving passwords. When you forget your password, you can self-help retrieve your login using the APP.

1. Click the forgotten button in the login window.

2. Pop-up the recovery page.

3. Open the APP into my — local configuration— retrieve the device password— scan the device 2D code — generate temporary password.

Note:The APP requires a login account.

4. Enter the temporary on the APP into the device, not case sensitive, click the OK button after the input is complete.

5. Click OK to set a new account password, in the new page can enter a new user password.

Note:App for P6Slite, APP and NVR/ required for the new version.

If it’s an older version of NVR, prompt your administrator.

Please click on the original text: Use the online resolution function, after decrypting need to go to the user management page on the NVR/ to edit the password of the user admin user.

  1. Reem Drake says

    Once my sim card runs out of data do I have to purchase a brand new separate sim card and replace the old one or can I refill the original one? If so how? Plz help!!

  2. Grady Matthews says

    I have a house in Europe Balkan and I live in US. I want to know if this camera can be used with Vodafone sim card? If yes can I monitor my house from USA? Thank you

  3. Kristen Gutierrez says

    please help me, my problem is not solved.

  4. Cali Melia says

    These are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Khadija Hibbert says

    These are all utterly hideous.

  6. Romario Legge says

    very informative and revealing bravo!

  7. Aroush Parrish says

    great site man thank you

  8. Jules Salinas says

    please help me, my problem is not solved.

  9. Uederson Ferreira says

    Now it is easer to reset the password. But we have one of the old system version with no qr code. How to reset it please?

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