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How to upgrade a device xmeye

Local upgrade operation method

1. Put the download erstlet into the USB stick, the USB stick plugs into the video recorder

It is best to put only one program in order to avoid conflict

2. Find system upgrade function on the video recorder

Click Order: Main Menu — Management Tools — System Upgrades


3. Option Chinese point upgrade


Where to upgrade the default, do not need to modify, and so prompt upgrade success can be

Upgrade tool upgrade

Instructions for action

  1. Double-click 升级工具.jpg open tool, click search for IP address


2. Check the device, click browse the selection program, point upgrade


3. Such as prompt upgrade success can be, upgrade process do not lose power

Note: If the upgrade fails, it may be the cause. Device IP and computer different network segments or programs do not match the device model

Cms Upgrade

CMS upgrade must be an IP address added device to be allowed

  1. Right-click on the preview screen to select the device configuration


2. Select the management tool icon in the device configuration, select the system upgrade


3. Point browse selecter, point upgrade, wait for prompt upgrade can be successful, during the time do not power down


Note: If the upgrade fails, please confirm that the computer and monitoring device are in the same network segment or whether the program model corresponds to the device

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  2. Please can these cellular cameras be useful for country like Nigeria where we don’t use network carrier like Verizon?


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