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Guarding Vision Setup

NVR Settings:

  1. Configuration – Network – Advanced – Platform AccessGuarding Vision Setting
  2. Select Enable
  3. Enter a verification password 6-12 of letters &  numbers and NO special characters.
  4. Select Save


homeCreate a Cloud Guarding Vision Account:

  • gaurding visionCreate an account for your user (Hint: Use your Customers Email Address for User Name) at Vision login
  • Select Register
  • Enter a User Name, Password , and the Email Address for your Customer
  • Enter the Verification Code that is sent to the cell number entered
  • Login to your Gaurding Vision Account with the Customer Email and Password. login
  • Add your device to the Guarding Vision’s Customers Account
  • Select  the Device management Iconadd a device icon
  • Select the Add Button to enter your NVR or Supported Camera

add a device ADDserial number

Enter your Device Serial Number. If there are characters make sure they are capitalizedserial number2serial

  • Your Serial Number is a 9 Digit Number found Printed on the Bottom of your Device. You can also find this number in your your NVR settings under System-System Settings Serial NVR
  • Enter your Device Serial Number and press search.  When the Device is found – you will need to select the “Plus ” Icon.
  • If your device is not found, make sure it has network access to the internet.
  • Enter your Serial Number, Verification Code and press Add
  • Select Search and you should get an Green Success verifying that your device has been added to you customers account
  • If you do not get a successful response make sure that your Device is open to the internet and firewall settings are not blocking any ports.

Add the Device to the Guarding Vision Application:

  1. Download the Guarding Vision Application from the Google Play Store or iTunes Apple store to your device.
  2. Login to your Guarding Vision Account with the Email and Password that you created in the step above ( Create a Cloud Guarding Vision Account – Step 3)
    Add your Device to be viewed in your application. You can add your device by either QR Code Scan or Manual Add (recommended).
  3. Manual Add – Enter the serial number that you used while adding the device to the Guarding Vision Cloud Account and press the Save Icon ( Create a Cloud Guarding Vision Account – Step 10).
  4. You will see a Results Page when successful
  5. You can now see your Device and view Video

Add Your Guarding Vision Account to CMS:

  1. Open and Login to your CMS Client
  2. Select Device Management
  3. Select Add New Device Type and Check Guarding Vision Devices
  4. When you Select Guarding Vision, you will need to login into your Guarding Vision Account that you setup (Create a Cloud Guarding Vision Account – Step 3)
  5. Under Guarding Vision Device – Select Add Device and Enter your Serial Number ( Create a Cloud Guarding Vision Account – Step 10) and Verification Code ( NVR Settings – Step 3) & Press OK
  6. Now you will see your Device in the Device Management and Main View Page


  1. Having issues with entering the Serial Number in CMS – Make Sure your Device is registered in your customers Cloud Account & OnlineONline
  2. Cant See Image – Verification Code Error . This Means that you will need to add or modify your verification code. Or disable video encryption in NVR Settings:  Netwrok -Platform Access – Enable Stream Encryption (un-check)

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