Guarding Vision FirmwareSoftware Tool Download

Keep you surveillance hardware up to date.  We will keep the latest versions of camera and NVR firmware here.

You can also find the latest version of PC allocations and tools to better service your customers

Camera Fimrware

To Download the latest released software  click the “Click Here” Text after the model number of your IP Camera

Upgrading Camera Firmware via web browser

Find out the IP address of the camera you are trying to log into. This can be done from the NVR Camera Management Interface, the CMS PC client, or the Camera Discovery SADP tool.

2) Type the IP address you found in step 1 above into your web browser, I prefer Internet Explorer for this task

3) After you have entered the IP address and hit enter, the browser will take you to this screen.

4) Once logged in, click on Configuration, go down to Remote Upgrade, select Firmware, and browse to you .dav file you have previously unpacked on your computer.

5) Click Upgrade.

Select your Camera Model Below to Download New Firmware to your PC:

 2MP IP Cameras:

License Plate Reader (LPR) Cameras:

3MP IP Cameras:

  • NCS-BVA-3, NCS-BVA-32, NCS-DOA-3, NCS-DOA-32 Click Here (5.3.5_151218)
  • NCE-DTA-3, NCE-DTW-3, NCE-BMX-3, NCE-DMX-3, NCE-CIW-3, NCE-DFA-3, NCE-DFW-3, NCE-BVF-3, NCE-DVF-3 Click Here

4MP IP Cameras

  •  NCE-FEA-4 Click Here (5.4.14_160615)

5MP IP Cameras


6MP IP Cameras

8MP IP Cameras

  • NCS-BMA-8, NCS-DMA-8, NCS-DMA-I8 Click Here

12MP IP Cameras

PTZ IP Cameras:

NVR Firmware

To Download the latest released software for your NVR right click the “Click Here” Text after the model number of your Recording Device.

Select your NVR Model Below:

*Add a Camera URL in NVR Camera Management

If you would like a direct connect URL to show up in you NVR Camera Management settings (Configuration – Network – Advanced Settings – Other – Enable Virtual Host)

 Understanding Networking your NVR

NVRs come in many different flavors from 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 camera port models.

We will use this 4 IP port NVR as an example. On a 4 port NVR. A maximum of 4 cameras can be added in a mixture of two different ways.

Each of the 4 network ports (above left) can be used to connect an IP camera. This portion of the NVR has its own private network on 192.x.x.x. Any camera plugged in here should be set to universal Plug and Play (UPnP) The maximum range of this method is 328 feet from the NVR to the camera. We plug in a camera here as an example on Port 1 and for this example we will call it Camera 1.

Now let’s say we have another camera (Camera 2) that needs to be installed further away than 328 feet. How is this problem solved?

There is also a LAN port on the NVR that can be configured to a Switch/Router/Router/Modem. The router at the beginning of this chain should be set to pass through to the NVR and for external access ports 80, 8000, and 8554 must be set on the NVR so the NVR and cameras can be accessed. You will need to disable UPnP on this device and for Camera 2 at the NVR which is in stark contrast from camera 1. This camera (camera2) would have to be set manually to a private IP address from a scheme of the network shared by the router and designated by onsite IT (or whoever has control over that router) so that it can communicate with the NVR. Setting UPnP on this camera (camera 2) or the Router is NOT advised as multiple devices using UPnP is known to cause problems and conflicts.

What you are technically doing here is rerouting Port 2 (above left) to go look out to the LAN port for a camera (Camera 2). Remember the example above is using 4 ports (4 cameras total) so whether you are adding cameras through ports 1-4 on the NVR itself or through a switch or router through the LAN port you are still limited to 4 cameras. The LAN connection just allows you to daisy chain from a router to another switch or set of switches and to the camera (In this example Camera 2) so you can go beyond 328 feet.

How do I set my private IP address for LAN cameras? Once you have received a scheme or slot of IP Address for use please see the document; SADP.pdf on how to see and change IP addresses of attached devices.



PC Applications

  • CMS  for Windows                    Click Here
    icon fill
    icon fill
  • CMS for MAC                            Click Here
    icon fill
    icon fill


Box Type Cameras
  • NCS-IMA-6                          Quick Setup Guide     User Manual
Bullet Type Cameras
Cube Type Cameras
Dome Type Cameras
Fisheye Type Cameras
Pan Tilt Zoom Type Cameras

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

 *NVR Password Recovery

You will need to connect a monitor and mouse to the NVR unit.  From the login window, click the bottom left corner within the border of the login window in the black area a few times and it will pop up another window, give us the serial number shown there and we can generate a secure key that you input into that same window to reset the password.

*Camera URL in NVR Camera Management

If you would like a direct connect URL to show up in you NVR Camera Management settings (Configuration – Network – Advanced Settings – Other – Enable Virtual Host)


To Download the latest released application software for your Surveillance Solution right click the Blue Text after the application name.

 Video Management Software 

  • Windows Click Here
  • MAC Click Here
  • IE Browser Plugin Click Here
  • Chrome Browsers no longer support Plug-In’s.  If you wish to use Chrome to view your Video Download the Internet Explorer extension for the Chrome Web Store Click Here .



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