DVR recorder password reset all brands


If the dvr recorder password you are using is forgotten, there are different options to reset the recorder admin password. There are different password reset options according to the DVR recorder brand and model.


DVR Recorder reset options

  • With temporary password generation program
  • The device with the reset button on the main board
  • With reset code
  • Firmware reinstalled

In this article, you can get password reset service for dvr recorders of the following brands.

  • Neutron dvr recorder

  • Fujitron dvr recorder 

  • Hyundai dvr recorder 

  • Genoa dvr recorder 

  • SCSI dvr recorder 

  • Goldmaster dvr recorder 

  • Avenir dvr recorder 

  • Bullet dvr recorder 

  • Ecotronic dvr recorder 

  • Haikon dvr recorder 

  • Some model dvr recorders using X meye cell phone monitoring program 

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Footnote: There are 10+ programs in the form of friends package. All of them are software provided by existing companies. Although many of them work, these passwords may be invalid in the renewed software of some companies. We will help if you take a picture and comment on the Brand Mode and Card.

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  1. Please can these cellular cameras be useful for country like Nigeria where we don’t use network carrier like Verizon?


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