DVR Mobile Monitoring Software

Sales network in Turkey made the covenant recorder or recording devices for mobile tracking software names, ports, and installation videos are listed in the table below.


Many companies made sales in Turkey to X uses the mobile tracking software. Only the application whose logo and design has been changed is installed on the Android and iOS store.


Brand Pocket Software ports Installation Video
Genoa genoa lite, viewdvr 80, 9000 Watch Setup
Genoa Panoramic vr glass, v380s Serial number Watch Setup
Tiandy Easyliv to 3000 Watch Setup
Dahua gDMSS Lite 37777 Watch Setup
Hikvision iVMS -4500 8000 Watch Setup
the Neutron Neutron NMSS Lite 37777 Watch Setup
NMSS AHD 34567 Watch Setup
Retro Retro CamView 34567
Avenir Avenir TR 34567 Watch Setup
Bigeste VGUARD 80 Watch Setup
Han Elektronik AVerDiGi 8000 Watch Setup
SPY Evo 80 Watch Setup
Xmeye Mobile Software x to 34567 Watch Setup

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