Dome problem Basic operation

1 Our network dome camera connects to our NVR, can the preset point be saved after the NVR is powered off

——Our network dome camera connects to our NVR, add the preset point on the NVR end, it is saved on the dome camera, the NVR power off and restart or the dome camera power off and restart, the original preset point and the cruise call between points, delete , Add can operate normally

——The preset points added on the network dome camera can also be deleted, added and recalled on the NVR

2 How to set power off memory

——The network dome camera can choose the power-off memory: PTZ settings-start-up call-position before power-off, preset points, cruising between points, select one of three memories

3 Direct access to the movement through the PC can control the zoom, but through the onvif NVR access to the movement, the movement of the movement cannot be controlled on the NVR

——The onvif control movement must be connected to the cloud billiard machine to control, that is, the onvif control must send instructions to the movement through the cloud billiard machine, and then the movement executes the gimbal command

4 two serial ports connected to one of the movement’s how

1-RXD1, TXD1 ball head control serial port of the ball machine, this serial port is used by the movement to output the gimbal command, the default adopts PelcoD protocol, TTL serial port; ; Then connect this set of serial ports of the integrated movement

2—— RXD0, TXD0 receiving machine’s movement control serial port, this serial port is used by the ball machine to control the movement magnification, zooming, etc., using Sony’s VISCA protocol; also connected to the TTL serial port of the cloud pool machine can

5 Through the network, you can directly control the movement zoom, and the dome camera can also control the movement zoom and other series of actions through the serial port, whether it will conflict

1-No conflict

2-If the dome camera is not connected, the operation of controlling the movement of the movement through the network, etc., is the movement completed by the movement itself

3——As long as it is connected to the dome through the serial port, all commands are to control the movement through the network. The movement transfers all the permissions to the dome.

6 After the network movement is connected to the dome camera, it cannot control the direction of rotation

1——Check whether PTZ communication, movement Uart1 (P2 port 3, 4 feet) has been connected

2——Access the movement on IE and configure the PTZ address, protocol and other information

7 After the network movement is connected to the ball machine, it can control the direction of rotation, but it cannot be changed.

1——Check the communication between the movement and the dome board. When the dome is in normal operation, after accepting the pan / tilt zoom command, you need to send the VISCA zoom command to the movement Uart0 (P2 port 5, 6 feet). Times

2——Access the movement on IE and configure the gimbal baud rate and other information

8 After the network movement is connected to the dome camera, it can rotate and change the magnification, but the information of changing the magnification when the preset point is called is lost

1——When the dome camera is working normally, when setting the preset point, it is necessary to send zoom and other information to the movement Uart0 (P2 port 6 pins) TXD0 -6 pins to the cloud dome camera for record

2——The cloud billiards machine sends information to the movement Uart0 (P2 port 5 feet) RXD0-5 feet, the movement execution multiple

3——Since it can be rotated, it means that Uart1 (P2 port 3,4 pin) communication is normal; if it can be zoomed, Uart0 (P2 port 5 pin) communication is normal; the preset zoom information cannot be called normally, Uart0 (P2 port 6 pin) ) TXD0 -6 pin this interface communication problem, need to check

9 How to judge the connection between the movement and the dome camera is normal

——Set two preset points with different multiples, which can be called back and forth correctly; this shows that the serial ports (two) of the movement and the dome are connected normally

10 How to set and call the special preset points of the dome camera

——Do not provide detailed information, please consult 4008553199 for single information


11 The preset position set after power off and restart has shifted, and the cruise function between power off and restart points cannot start cruise automatically

——Set the function of power-off memory: optional under PTZ control


12 Call the special preset point to turn on the infrared lamp, will IR switch

——Forcibly turn on the infrared light, it will also switch the IR day and night mode, which belongs to the normal operation of the movement


13 Cannot auto focus after zooming

——Manual focusing attempt-Dome camera lens recovery initialization: facing the plane 1-2m in front, preferably not a single background, call preset point 189 + 204 + 20, call preset point 189 + 205 + 20, to focus normally After that


14Why the infrared light of the dome camera is on, only part of the infrared light is on, and some lights are not on

——The infrared lights on the dome camera are divided into low-beam and high-beam lights, and the near-infrared lights will switch during zoom operation

15 How to enter the menu interface

Enter the menu, call the 95th preset point

Enter submenu Call preset point 1

Exit menu Call preset 2

16 In the IE interface, press the middle button of the gimbal control to call up the dome camera menu, how to adjust the enter confirmation and close cancellation

——Aperture “+” and “-“

17 NVR receiver can not control the gimbal, HVR / ADVR is normal 

——It may be on the digital channel interface, the connection method is multi-connection, and it can be changed to a single link

18 NVR PTZ control-no PTZ function

1——NVR does not need to have the PTZ setting function, to achieve its control of the gimbal, it needs to be configured by the front-end IPC end

2——The recorder controls the dome camera through the network, without the need to configure the PTZ protocol, baud rate, address code, data bits, stop bits, check method

19 How to realize NVR control dome camera

1——Connect the 485 port of the gimbal to the 485 port of the integrated movement;

2——Set the corresponding PTZ protocol, baud rate, address code, data bit, stop bit and check method in the PTZ setting interface of the network camera;

3——After configuring the IP address and port information of the NVR, open the IPC image on the NVR, right-click and select PTZ control, by operating the NVR

4—— PTZ control menu, you can control the PTZ; in simple terms, the principle of the NVR controlling IPC and the CMS controlling IPC are the same. 

20 How to modify the address bit of AHG dome camera

——Call preset 95, call up the main menu, the first item is ADDR SOFT, modify directly

——If this option is not available, call preset 96 to modify

Can the 21 ball machine support speed adjustment

——High -speed ball supports speed adjustment, medium-speed ball does not support

1 After the dome camera upgrade program, there are black borders on both sides of the image

——Update the latest program

——It may be because the position of the output image of different movements is different.The adjustment is similar to the adjustment of the projection position of the projector.If the position of the projection is deviated, part of the image cannot be seen, and black bars appear

——Generally common movement, the code board can switch the movement by calling the preset point, first call the preset point 190, then call the preset point corresponding to the movement, and then restart the code board.

2 The dome camera screen has a single vignetting

1——Check the program version and update the latest program

2——Contact Xiongmai Technology to try to clear the configuration of the device

3-See if it is a dome camera installation problem, try to reinstall

4-If it is a movement problem, change the lens of the movement

3 Green screen of dome camera

1——IE access and view, IR reverse order selection

2——Check whether the program version of the dome camera is a problem caused by the program

3-Check whether it is a problem of installation, check the assembly situation

4——Contact Xiongmai Technology

4 After the dome camera has been running for a period of time, the overall picture becomes white, similar to the phenomenon of overexposure

——Camera parameter adjustment-select manual exposure attempt

——Upgrade the latest program firmware

——The configuration information may be wrong. After confirming that the device is restored to the default, contact Xiongmai Technology to adjust the parameters 

1 ball machine and network support onvif movement butt back-end NVR other home

——Support onvif docking

2 When docking with a third-party dome camera, the preset points set here on the NVR cannot be saved after power off

——The third-party network dome connected through Onvif protocol, the PTZ parameters set at the NVR are temporarily stored in the NVR memory, if the NVR restarts, these settings will be lost 

3 Add a third-party dome camera to our video recorder, click the gimbal quickly, it will keep turning, and it will not stop

1——When you click the gimbal on the recorder, the mouse will send the start and stop commands when you click and release. If the time is too short, the ball will ignore the stop command and will rotate continuously.

2——Update our video recorder to the program after September

4 Our NVR is connected to a third-party dome camera, the cruise cannot be set between points, and after adjusting to a position with the gimbal, it will return to a fixed position in a while 

——Can’t control cruise between points, it will return to a fixed position, please confirm whether the dome camera has the guard position function enabled by default

5 Our NVR connects to other dome cameras through onvif protocol, power off and restart, can the preset point be saved

——Onvif protocol connection, the preset point is saved on the NVR, if the NVR is powered off and restarted, the preset point cannot be saved

6 The Xiongmai solution dome is connected to a third-party platform, and the preset point function cannot be realized

——Our dome camera is connected to a third-party platform, and does not support the preset point function; the measured platforms are: Milestone, Axxon Next

7 What functions does the third-party back-end device NVR connected to the dome camera through Onvif support?

——Our ball machine connects to other home video recorders through onvif, only direction control, zoom, preset point 

8. Our video recorder can connect with other dome cameras through onvif protocol to control those functions

——Yuntai side

Direction control, zoom, preset point, cruise between points can be controlled; line scan, horizontal rotation, step length and zoom are not supported 

1 Is my driver core digital zoom and digital zoom

– support optical zoom, digital zoom and digital zoom is not supported

2 How does IR link infrared switching (no infrared signal interface)

——It is realized through the serial port of the movement ( VISCA command protocol). The dome camera uses the serial port to connect the IR switch on the movement core.

3 Our dome camera supports audio and OSD menu model and function customization

1—— All series except the series support OSD menu and special presets;

2– network dome only A T C  series supports audio customization ( -inch support, -inch is not supported); analog dome is not supported;

3——A T C H  series supports optional heater, which can be used in low temperature environment;

4—— The network dome A T C U UA series supports TF card optional;

5——The network dome camera can be customized in multiple languages; the simulated dome camera is only in English and cannot be customized;

6—— Only T  series supports optional shield

4 Whether to support the breakpoint memory function

– Support, PC Client Access dome – Device Configuration – PTZ control – breakpoint memory Optional 

5 Switch between Chinese and English menu

——Domes need to support Chinese and English menus, some domes support Chinese and English menus

– Chinese menu – calling 95 preset to enter – call 94 presets – quit – call 95 to enter

– English menu – calling 95 preset to enter – call 93 presets – quit – call 95 to enter

6 Does our ball technology support 3D positioning function

– support this feature

7 Does our golf skill support face recognition function

– Temporarily no such function can be customized to Marketing Consulting

1 The difference between patrol track, cruise between points and line scan

1—— Patrol track: set up a continuous continuous route, and operate the PTZ direction key to generate continuous route

2——Cruise between points: set up a line with points as the main point, specify a key position point during the setting, and switch point to point

3——Line scan: set the line of an area, there are left and right borders when setting, which is also continuous

2 part dome tail line, with a needle-like interface

——This pin is the function of the ground wire

3 Working principle diagram of the dome camera

Flow chart of the ball machine.jpg


4 Does the integrated movement have a 485 interface

——No, the TTL serial port is on the integrated movement. When in use, it can be connected to an adapter board to convert the TTL signal to a 485 signal. 

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