Color night vision security camera

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Let’s talk about  security .

If you need to have a camera in a large dark area, this article can help you.

I’m not talking about using infrared lights, which prevents you from capturing color images in the dark. What I want to show you is color footage at nighttime.

The picture below shows an example of an image on a dark parking lot.

Amcrest Camera Outdoor Night

In this scenario, an Infrared camera won’t show such details.

Large dark areas require professional low light cameras.

The pictures below a regular camera (Canon DSLR) on the left and an Amcrest professional camera on the right. Note the huge difference.

Canon camera on a dark parking lot

DSLR camera (click to enlarge)

Amcrest Night-Color Camera on a darkparking loot

Amcrest camera (click to enlarge)

A professional camera has features to deal with this type of scenario.

The Amcrest camera features

Let’s take a look at the camera features.


The picture below shows the camera exposure menu.

Amcrest Nigh-Color Camera exposure menu

Exposure menu (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see, there is a lot of different option to play with.

Shutter speed control, gain, and other parameters can drastically change how the camera behaves in a dark scenario like a large parking lot.

Play the video below to watch the camera working in a dark environment.

The camera does an excellent job and keeps its color.

Video noise reduction

Digital video noise shows up every time you have a camera working in a dark environment. But did you notice any noise in the previous video?

The Amcrest camera can handle the noise, and it’s not even noticeable.

That’s because the camera has this 3D NR (Noise Reduction) feature.

Amcrest Night Color Camera Noise Reduction

It’s possible to turn it on and adjust the levels.

Take a look at the pictures below and see the difference…

Amcrest Night Color Camera noise
Amcrest Night Color Camera no noise

You can play with the until you find the best one for your scenario.

The camera spotlight

Depending on the scenario, you can enable the camera spotlight.

I’m not using this feature for this particular installation because it’s not allowed in such an area, but it’s possible to use it to illuminate even dark spots.

Amcrest IR Light

It’s possible to use the camera menu to control the spotlight intensity.

Dark scenarios examples

Here are some pictures that show the Amcrest camera in different scenarios.

Note the time between 4 AM and 6 AM.

Amcrest Camera Outdoor Night
Amcrest Camera Outdoor Night
Amcrest Camera Outdoor Night


The Amcrest Camera IP4M-1046EW-AI is an excellent product.

It works pretty well in dark environments and captures color footage.

If you need a camera to work in such environments, just go for this one

  1. Regina Johnson says

    Wow! Such a clear picture! By the way, I read in this article https://sentriforce.com/services/license-plate-recognition/, that there are cameras that are able to recognize license plates. I need this option. Do you think the camera you described is suitable for this?

    1. asd says

      It is not the camera that does the recognition, software does.

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