1. ADVR non-five-in-one model channel binding relationship

    (Channel binding below the relationship is used only with the AHD camera)

    V3V4 V3V4 VCR models unbound

    The AD chip of the NVP6124B is unbound (except AHB7016T-LM, AHB7008T-M This board paste 6124B is 2-way bound)

    NVP6114A supports 4-way binding as a set of motherboard models (if channel mode is 1080N and 720P is 2-way set of other channel modes fixed four-way set)

    NVP6114 supports 2-way binding


  2. Increase in ADVR Recorder Channel Mode

    The ADVR recorder adds 2 channel modes:

    AHD-NM- 640 x 720 x 460800 x 460,000, resolution ID: 720N

    AHD-NH s 960 x 1080 x 1036800 x 1 million, resolution ID: 1080N

    Both channel modes are with the back end DVR-related, not related to the front-end camera.

    Advantages of these 2 resolutions: the amount of data is only half the original resolution, and the image effect is close to the original full resolution

  3. 3G and 4G module support list


  4. Wire transmission distance
    Wire Theoretical distance (recommended distance) Standard line length
    Coaxial cable SYV75-3 500M (350M)
    SYV75-5 700M (500M)
    SYV75-7  1000M (700M)
    Hdmi 30m (10m) 1.5/2M
    Vga 20m (10m) 1.5/2M
    Twisted pair 100m (80M)


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  1. I have a house in Europe Balkan and I live in US. I want to know if this camera can be used with Vodafone sim card? If yes can I monitor my house from USA? Thank you


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