Sunywo Zhongwei Firmware Software Mobile Program Download

Shenzhen Zhongwei Century Technology Co., ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of high-definition network camera modules and monitoring motherboards. The main research and development aspects of the company are high-resolution network monitoring research and application, cloud computing technology based video communication platform (E-pass) development and implementation, video monitoring transmission technology and network, communication chip development and implementation, comprehensive coverage of one million product lines HD network industry IPC module, digital hard disk video recorder DVR motherboard, network hard disk video recorder NVR motherboard and various industry solutions based on E-number platform.

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  1. Once my sim card runs out of data do I have to purchase a brand new separate sim card and replace the old one or can I refill the original one? If so how? Plz help!!


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