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Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,Ltd concentrates on security surveillance ,Video intelligent research and development. We devote ourselves to providing good products, technical services for manufacturers, wholesaler and service provider , in order to offer better experience for our customers. We are global leading providers in security video products and technology. Established from 2009, many years development, the headquarter of XM locate in Yinhu Innovation Center, Fuyang district, Hangzhou now. Total registered capital reach to 60 million. Now we owns nearly 3000 employees including a strong R&D team (more than 600 experienced engineers). Besides,we owns more than 100 acres which contained owned or leased offices, more than 80000 square meters in total.

Our business mainly involves in security monitoring module, main board, supporting software and product solutions which contains AHD models as well as its motherboards, network HD models as well as its motherboards, AHD/network integration movements, automatic focusing modules, QQ content couplet modules , CMS, VMS, SNVR, MYEYE monitoring platform software, cloud services and so on. Since Xiongmai was founded in 2009, we always pay close attention to products.we demand quality strives to be perfect,so the product has high compatibility, high resolution, high cost-effective, high professionalism and experience. Now our products and solutions that provide services for security industries have been applied to the world.

Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,Ltd owns high visibility and reputation in China. It was listed in national key software enterprise.It is high and new technology enterprise in Hangzhou. We have our own patent, soft, trademark right, and a number of other independent intellectual property rights and relevant qualification certificates. Besides,we won the title of “enterprise of China’s security network”. We are China’s safety city construction recommend brands and one of the member of China’s security product industry association. Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,Ltd will commit to high-definition security monitoring technology in the 21st century with brand-new posture, the steady leisurely pace and our own advantages. We will make unremitting efforts to build the world’s families, enterprises, social security and build a harmonious society. We believe that Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,Ltd will be the national security field leading brand!

AHB7004T-EL(00000117)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:51 –

AHB7004T-GS-V3(00000171)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:51 –

AHB7004T-MH-V2(00000142)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:51 –

AHB7008T-GS-V3(00000170)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:51 –

AHB7008T-LM-V1(00000148)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7008T-LM(00000115)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7008T-MH-V2(00000140)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7016F-GL-V4(00000175)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7016F-M(00000111)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7016T-GS-V3(00000172)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7016T-LM(00000116)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7016T-MH-V2(00000146)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7032F-GS-V3(00000182)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:52 –

AHB7032F-LM-V2(00000155)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7032F-LM(00000135)/ 28-Apr-2017 09:32 –

AHB7804R-ELS(00000123)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804R-LM-V3(00000)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804R-LMS(00000131)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804R-MH-V2(00000149)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804R-MS-V2(00000169)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804T-EL(00000114)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7804T-MS-V2(00000172)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7808R-LM(00000126)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7808R-MH-V2(00000151)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7808R-MS-V2(00000156)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7808R-MS(00000144)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

AHB7808T-MS-V2(00000177)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:53 –

MBD6004G-PL_25930_8SDI(00000103)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:54 –

MBD6004G-PL_25930(00000102)/ 28-Apr-2017 08:54 –

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