New Firmware for Milestone Device

Updating firmware

The user may initiate a firmware update on a supported ONVIF device via the Management Client. A right click on a hardware entry in the Recording Servers tree will show a context menu containing the “Update firmware…” item. Upon clicking the item, the “Update firmware” wizard will appear.


Using the wizard, the user can select a firmware image to update the device with. A series of preparatory steps will take place, distributing the file around the VMS, after which the ONVIF driver will be invoked and the firmware upload to the device will begin. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Call the StartFirmwareUpgrade command. From the response message, three values are expected:
    1. UploadUri – the URL to which the firmware image will be sent to
    2. UploadDelay – the amount of time to wait before beginning the HTTP POST request
    3. ExpectedDownTime – the duration for which the device expects to be unavailable for after the upload is complete
  2. Wait for the duration specified in UploadDelay.
  3. Upload the firmware image to the URL specified in UploadUri using an HTTP POST request.
  4. The HTTP response code is examined. Unless it’s 200 OK, the driver will report a network error at this point and terminate the update process.
  5. Wait for the duration of time specified in ExpectedDownTime, while attempting reconnection to the device every 30 seconds. The reconnection sequence is as follows:
    1. Call the GetServices command. If it succeeds, move to the next step.
    2. Call the GetDeviceInformation command. If it succeeds, report success. If the reported firmware version is unchanged from the one reported when the update procedure began, report a warning instead.
    3. In case of failure in any of the steps, attempt reconnection again in 30 seconds.
  6. Perform a final reconnection attempt. If it fails, report a failure, otherwise, report success or warning according to the same rules as specified in 5b.


Milestone Device List


Models ▼ Image ▼ BNC Inputs ▼ Maximum HDCVI Resolution ▼ Firmware ▼ Individual HDD Capacity ▼ HDD Drives ▼
X51B1E X72A2A.png 8
6TB 1
X51A1E X51A Series.png 4 5MP
10TB 1
X51A2E X51A Series.png 8 5MP
10TB 1
X54A5L X54A5L.png 32 5MP
10TB 4
X58A5S X58A5S.jpg 32 5MP
10TB 8
X72A3A X72A2A.png 16 8MP
10TB 2
X74A3L X74A3L.png 16 8MP
10TB 4
X51A3E X51A Series.png 16 5MP
10TB 1
X52A3A X52A3A.png 16 5MP
10TB 2
X52A3N X52A3A.png 16 5MP
10TB 2
X72A2A X72A2A.png 8 8MP
10TB 2
Models ▼ Image ▼ Series ▼ Resolution ▼ Body ▼ Firmware ▼
DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360 DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360.png Multi 2 MP x 4 Panoramic
DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360 DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360.png Multi 2 MP x 4 Panoramic
N22AL12 N22AL12.png Lite 2MP Dome
N45CB5Z N25CB5Z.png Pro 4MP Bullet
N25CL5Z N25CL5Z.png Pro 2MP Dome
N45CL5Z HDBW54A1EN.jpg Pro 4MP Dome
N44CL53 N24CL52.png Pro 4 MP Dome
N44CG53 N24CG52.png Pro 4 MP Eyeball
N44CL52 N24CL52.png Pro 4 MP Dome
N25CL5Z N25CL5Z.png Pro 2MP Dome
N24CL52 N24CL52.png Pro 2 MP Pro
N45BA5 N45BA5.jpg Pro 4MP Box
N44BN52 HDBW42A1FN.jpg Pro 4 MP Wedge
N85CM5Z N85CM5Z.png Pro 8MP Eyeball
N85CL5Z N85CL5Z.png Pro 8MP Dome
N85CB5Z N85CB5Z.png Pro 8MP Bullet
N84CG54 N24CG52.png Pro 8 MP Eyeball
N84CL52 N84CL52.png Pro 8 MP Dome
N84CG52 N84CG52.png Pro 8 MP Eyeball
N45CL5Z-B N45CL5Z-B.png Pro 4MP Dome
N44CB33 N24CB33.png Pro 4 MP Bullet
N44CG52 N24CG52.png Pro 4 MP Eyeball
N44CG52-B N44CG52-B.png Pro 4 MP Eyeball
N24BN52 HDBW42A1FN.jpg Pro 2 MP Wedge
N24CG52 N24CG52.png Pro 2MP Eyeball
N24CB33 N24CB33.png Pro 2 MP Bullet
N84CL54 N24CL52.png Pro 8 MP Dome
N84CB34 N24CB33.png Pro 8 MP Bullet
EBW81242N DH-IPC-EBW81242N.png Ultra 12MP Fisheye
DH-IPC-HDBW7442H-ZFR HDBW7442H image WEB.png Ultra 4MP Dome
Models ▼ Image ▼ Resolution ▼ Optical Zoom ▼ Firmware ▼
22204UENI DSD22A204TNGNI.png 2MP 4x
8A840WANF 80840WANF Web.png 2MP 25x
6CE445XANR 6CE230UNI.png 2MP 30x
12203TNI 12203TNI.png 2MP 3x
1A203TNI 1A203TNI WEB.png 2MP 3x
49225TNI 49225TN.png 2MP 25x
50430UNI SD50A230TN.jpg 4MP 30x
52C430UNI SD52C230T HN.jpg 4MP 30x
59430UNI SD59A230TN.jpg 4MP 30x
6C430UNI SD6AEA230FN.jpg 4MP 30x
6AE530UNI SD6AEA230FN.jpg 5MP 30x
6AL245UNI 6AL245UNI.png 2MP 45x
59230UNI 59230UNI.png 2MP 30x
6CE230UNI 6CE230UNI.png 2MP 30x
Image ▼ Models ▼ Resolution ▼ Main Firmware ▼
TPC BF2221N B3 image.png TPC-BF2221N-B3 2MP
BF5400 B Image web.png DH-TPC-BF5401N-B 2MP
BF5400 B Image web.png DH-TPC-BF5601N-B 2MP
Models ▼ Image ▼ Channels ▼ Firmware ▼ Individual
HDD Capacity

HDD Drives ▼
N42B1P N42B1P.png 4
8TB 2
N42B2P N42B1P.png 8
8TB 2
N42B3P N42B1P.png 16
8TB 2
N52A4P N52A4P.png 24
10TB 2
N54A4P N54A4P.png 24
10TB 4
N52B2P N52B3P.png 8
10TB 2
N52B3P N52B3P.png 16
10TB 2
N54B3P N54B3P.png 16
10TB 4
DHI-NVR6A08-128-4KS2 NVR6A08-128-4KS2.jpg 128
8TB 8
DHI-NVR6A08-32-4KS2 NVR60832.jpg 32
8TB 8
DHI-NVR6A08-64-4KS2 NVR6A08.jpg 64
8TB 8
DHI-NVR4216-16P-I NVR421616PI.png 16
8TB 2

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